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Miss Universe is one of the most intriguing, controversial, fascinating and famous beauty pageant. Recently, it was caused a lot of discussion topics because of the mixed up of winners between Miss Philippines and Miss Columbia for Miss Universe 2015 title. This event is now part of our history.

Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach, won the title after joining the Miss Philippines three consecutive pageants. Despite her failure, she kept her faith to winning the crown. Her story because an inspiration to a lot of women. More women are joining the competition and more beauty pageants are organized.

Her story has empowered women to join and compete with confidence and determination. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of beauty pageants?

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach inspired women to compete for beauty pageants, and to also represent their country. In every competition, more than just the showing of the beauty of the ladies wearing their gowns and swimsuits, the question and answer portion is much awaited by the audience. Beauty Pageants has also not inspired women to flaunt their beauty but also to show their intelligence and wit in answering the tough questions. This shows that women are not only beautiful inside but has got beautiful minds.

Beauty pageants are not only for women, there are pageants for men, gays, mothers, and for children. These pageants showcases the beauty of a person inside and out. And since these competitions are also held in other countries, it showcases tourism.

There are disadvantages also to the beauty pageants. First, I am abhorrent of the beauty pageants for the children. This is very famous in the United States; wherein children are forced to dress up like doll by their parents. These children are actually modified to look like a little adult: they are sprayed to tan, their teeth fixed, their hair curled, their posture are dictated. I believe that children may enter beauty pageants but not to the extent of modifying their natural beauty, especially at the very young age. I believe children must willingly enter to these competitions. This is actually shown on reality TV wherein, there are times that these children are also crying because of the treatment that they get for them to win the competition, when they must be playing.

As for women, some do resort to plastic surgery to look perfect for the competition. They have their breasts augmented, waists reduced, and their nose fixed. More than the plastic surgery, women are perceived to look perfect because of the beauty pageants. In an average day at work, women must look at their most decent because this the way. Women feel that they are ugly when they do not dress up or wear make only because the society dictates that you are.

Perfection. This is what the beauty pageants wants the society to see. People must look in a certain way to win a competition. Looking body beautiful is also the picture that these competition shows. In a scenario that a person cannot afford surgery, he/she will resort to diets. In extreme cases, diet plan becomes an eating disorder. This is one of the big disadvantage of showcasing perfection because in order to look perfect people resort to ways of looking one even if it is extreme. There are some who cannot cure their eating disorder because it is a problem that must be psychologically addressed.

Nonetheless, beauty pageant is supposed to be for entertainment and to just showcase the beauty that we have. It all boils down to self-perception – women must also know that beauty is not being perfect but by just who they are.

Essay about Beauty Pageants

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Throughout history, mankind has promoted excellence through primitive rituals, community events, and collectively instilled ideals. Beauty pageants represent one of these efforts in their endeavor to define femininity and grace as well as ever-changing gender roles in society. While some believe beauty pageants to be harmless social events that provide educational and national advancement, spawn awareness for charitable causes, and encourage confidence, others suggest that such competitions confuse societal morals, exploit women, and instill insecurity in young girls worldwide.
Since their conception, beauty pageants have ventured to better society and those who reside within it. Such pageants have helped in providing educational and…show more content…

In addition to providing educational advancement and support for charities, beauty pageants allegedly encourage a form of confidence in their participants. It has been said that these contests are, at their core, “competitions to select a queen function to define and distinguish females who have reached maturity” (Stoeltje). Laura Coleman, winner of Miss England 2008, has also argued controversy with her idea of such competitions “[empowering] women,” as well as her claim that “appreciating beauty should not cause anger” (“Plea…London”). Miss America 1995 winner Heather Whitestone, deaf from birth, gained a remarkable and genuine confidence while also creating a new recognition of people with disabilities (Stoeltje). Though corruption eventually ensued, beauty pageants were created with and continue to spark, to a certain extent, the venture to better society and those who reside within it.
Though beauty pageants were designed with beneficial intentions, society has manipulated the competitions with the asserted requirement to heighten one’s self-esteem at another’s expense. These contests confuse societal morals, offsetting the cultural balance. Though some pageants are means of fundraising, businesses and organizations frequently replicate such contests for profit as “young women [are] available

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