Case Study Approach Definition Synonym

  • The experience of the Kerner Commission—formally, the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders—is a case study in the futility of leadership by blue-ribbon panel.

    —edward kosner, WSJ, "‘Separate and Unequal’ Review: ‘Two Societies, One Black, One White’,"2 Mar. 2018

  • That effort became a case study last week when the Detroit Regional Chamber chose civility as the theme of its annual Detroit Policy Conference.

    —john gallagher, Detroit Free Press, "Detroit region bonds over Amazon bid, but civility doesn't stick,"2 Mar. 2018

  • These shows quickly become glossy case studies in the ethicist Lisa Tessman’s theory of moral failure: Sometimes, when presented with two bad options, there is really no correct choice to make.

    —rachel syme, The New Republic, "In Good Girls, Ordinary Women Turn to Crime,"28 Feb. 2018

  • But the timing threw a spotlight on a case study that has roiled the gun control debate here in the United States.

    —peter baker and damien cave, New York Times, "An Australian Model on Guns? Trump and Turnbull Reject Comparisons,"23 Feb. 2018

  • But given the impressive results seen in the case study, cold-water swimming may be worthy of further study for pain, the researchers write.

    —jamie ducharme, Time, "Why Swimming in Cold Water May Be Good for Pain Relief,"12 Feb. 2018

  • What a pity that the Australian Open had to be the case study.

    —jon wertheim,, "Mailbag: Tennys Sandgren Faces Aftermath of Social Media Scrutiny, Australian Open Run,"24 Jan. 2018

  • This was a case study in maturity and skill winning out against youth and athleticism.

    —fletcher page, The Courier-Journal, "Who are UK basketball's best two players? Where were they at Tennessee?,"7 Jan. 2018

  • Abby Beckley’s conjunctival infestation by 14 eye worms in 2016 was published Monday as a case study by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.

    —howard cohen, miamiherald, "He saw a little black dot. A brain-eating worm was pulled out of his eye,"13 Feb. 2018

  • Соши Кута, тонкая как проволока, весила не больше сорока килограммов. Она была его помощницей, прекрасным техником лаборатории систем безопасности, выпускницей Массачусетс кого технологического института.

    Она часто работала с ним допоздна и, единственная из всех сотрудников, нисколько его не боялась.


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