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Effects and Causes of the Cold War Essay: Topic Ideas and Summary

World War II ended in the mid nineteen forties. While it was wonderful that a violent, global conflict had come to an end, the world would be entering a new set of tensions. The cold was began just after the end of the ward, and involved non violent conflict between the Soviet Union (Warsaw Pact) and the United States and their Allies (Nato). A cold war is defined as conflict that does not include any battles or military actions between the feuding nations. While the Soviet Union and the United States never used military force against one another, multiple wars during the time of the cold war happened as a direct result of the cold war conflict. These include both the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Other actions taken during this period that had far reaching effects included trading arms for hostages and the sale of arms to Middle Eastern Forces. Most historians agree that the cold war officially ended in the early nineties. Due to the fact that the cold war lasted so long and had economic, political, social, and cultural impacts world wide, there are many topics on which you can base a cold war essay. It is precisely that large selection that could trip you up. This is why we have come up with a list of essay topic ideas that we are confident are sure winners. Feel free to take any of the suggestions to use as is, or modify any of these in order to come up with a custom topic idea.

Cold War Essay Questions, Prompts, and Topic Ideas

  • Write an essay describing the influence of the Cold War on the Vietnam War
  • What actions did the United States take that caused the Soviet Union to feel as if their interests were being threatened?
  • How are the citizens of North Korea still impacted by the events of the Cold War?
  • How did the actions of Russian policy makers cause United States Officials to feel threatened or concerned?
  • Write an essay that explains the Domino Theory
  • Write an argumentative essay about who started the cold war. Defend your position with solid evidence.
  • The reunification of Germany was a major indicator that the cold war was over. Write an essay describing the events around the destruction of the Berlin Wall.
  • How did the Cold War play a role in the Korean War?
  • Explain what happened during the Cuban Revolution and how it was related to the Cold War
  • What was the impact of the cold war on pop culture throughout the decades?
  • Does Ronald Reagan deserve the credit he received for engineering the end of the Cold War?
  • Explain the Red Scare
  • Write a DBQ essay about the three most important events of the Cold War
  • What is containment? Write a detailed essay about the topic?
  • Why was the Cold War such a driving factor behind the space race?
  • How did actions taken during the Cold War impact the current situation in the Middle East?
  • Discuss the nuclear arms race and the ways in which the Cold War has caused many volatile nations to have nuclear weapons.

All of our writers agree that these are great topic ideas and that students could pick any one of these questions or ideas and write an excellent essay. However, any student who would like additional help should contact us. There are writers on staff who have backgrounds in Foreign Policy, and World History who have the skills and talents to help with any essay related to the Cold War.

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Essay questions cold war history


In your opinion, was the Cold War inevitable? If not, was the United States or the USSR more to blame?


Why has the Korean War often been called Americas !for"otten war#? What  purpose did the war serve, and what impact did it have?


Was the United States, the USSR, or Cuba more to blame for the Cuban missile crisis? What impact did the crisis have on U$S$%Soviet relations?


&ow did 'eor"e Kennans containment doctrine chan"e durin" the (ruman, )isenhower and Kennedy administrations? Which president was the most successful in containin" Communism?


$ Why were Americans so terri*ed of Communist in*ltration after World War II? What impact did the Red hunts of the late +-.s and early +/.s have on  American politics and society?


$ What impact did the Korean War have on American forei"n policy?


Why was the launch of Sputni0 I in +/1 so si"ni*cant? What did its launch mean for Americans?


 An unnatural alliance that was bound to fall apart after the defeat of the common enemy#$ (o what e2tent does this statement e2plain the ori"in of the Cold War?


(o what e2tent were Soviet policies responsible for the outbrea0 and development of the Cold War between +-/ and +-?


(o what e2tent did events in the *nal year of the Second World War turn wartime allies into Cold War enemies?


In what ways, and to what e2tent, did mutual distrust and suspicion cause the Cold War?


&ow, and to what e2tent, did the conferences at 3alta and 4otsdam 5+-/6 contribute to the ori"in of the Cold War?


7Althou"h it be"an in )urope the spread of the Cold War to other re"ions was a much more dan"erous development$7 (o what e2tent do you a"ree with this  8ud"ment?


9or what reasons, and with what results, was 'ermany a centre of Cold War tensionbetween +-/%:+?


Compare and contrast the policies of the USA and the USSR towards Korea between+-/ and +//$


Identify and e2plain the si"ni*cance of two of the followin" in the development of the Cold War; C<=)C<> =arshall 4lan >A(< Warsaw 4act$


In what ways, and with what results, did the United States Cold War policy of containment a@ect Cuba after +/?


 Analyse the factors which led to the endin" of the Cold War$


 Analyse the part played by Cuba in the development of the Cold War$


 Assess the impact of the (ruman octrine and =arshall 4lan on the development of the Cold War between +-1 and +:+$


 Assess the e@ects of events in Cuba on the development of the Cold War$


&ow and why did the policies of either the USA or the USSR a@ect superpower rivalry between +/. and +1.?


In what ways, and to what e2tent, did the Cold War become less confrontational after +1.?


 Analyse the importance of dBtente in endin" the Cold War 


)2amine the part played by economic issues in the development of the Cold War 


(o what e2tent did economic problems in the Communist bloc brin" about the end of the Cold War?


 Assess the importance of dBtente and internal opposition to Communist rule in Communist countries, in endin" the Cold War$


&ow far was U$S$ forei"n policy of containment a success?


to what e2tent did the 3alta Conference of uly +-/ contribute to the development of the Cold War 


!(he Cold War came to an end primarily because of 'orbachevs chan"es in Soviet  policies$# (o what e2tent do you a"ree with this statement$


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