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Marketing Implementation Plan Essay

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Marketing Implementation Plan
Kudler Fine Foods has designed a market research plan that includes using data collection tools to assist them in determining and improving their level of customer service. The data the company collects from the research tools will help determine a future marketing plan that appropriately positions their product and resonates and connects with the customers Kudler is trying to attract. Each of the tools selected will provide Kudler with insight into the customer behavior and opinions of Kudler’s customer base as it relates to customer satisfaction. They intend to expand on their current survey materials to help quantify the areas that they will need to focus on to improve their service levels.
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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, families spend 11 percent of their disposable income on food. The most recent Consumer Expenditure Survey from the Depart of Labor also indicates that 58 percent of food expenses are consumed at home (Journal of Food Products Marketing, 2005).
Kudler Fine Foods will begin the process of implementing a new plan to gather information for a new customer service survey. The marketing department will be using secondary market research to build their survey. Secondary data collection will help them with Kudler Fine Foods overall strategy in making sure that their market position and service offerings are in keeping with the profile of their customers. Secondary data will allow Kudler to gather information that has already been completed by other sources. The marketing department will use both internal and external sources, this will expedite the process and keep the costs associated with the research project at a minimum.
From the research that the marketing department at Kulder Fine Foods has done there are several considerations that Kathy Kudler must think about when developing and implementing the customer service surveys. The first consideration is providing an online customer service questionnaire that will focus on the satisfaction of the organizations

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Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Research

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The American Marketing Association defines marketing as "an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders". (2005) Simply put, marketing is the process by which businesses assess the needs and desires of consumers in order to provide products and/or services to meet those needs in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Truly effective marketers do market research in an effort to understand their target market and create marketing strategies based on the characterization of those in the target area.
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However, the value of the marketing surveys collected did provide Kudler with good information regarding how customers view their products and pricing and the general customer service experience. By establishing relationships with their customers, the mangers of Kudler's three stores were able to observe the customers' buying habits and obtain information about what other services the customers might utilize. By devising a questionnaire, management is able to see areas in which customers felt the company there was room for improvement and which areas the company excelled. Although the questions could have been more specific, a general view was enough for the company to see the areas in which they needed to concentrate improvement strategies. Kudler could also use some of the information gathered from the survey to determine the most profitable marketing mix for their organization. The desired marketing mix is a combination of promoting the right product in the right place, at the right price for optimal profitability. In determining the most profitable market mix, however, it is imperative that the corporation continues to maintain customer focus. The components of Kudler's marketing mix in regards to the catering aspect are the service and food, the price breakdown, and how, when and where to promote the service. Since Kudler specializes in fine, organically grown produce and meats, the base price will automatically

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