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Entrepreneur Cover Letter

Entrepreneurs know a little about a lot when it comes to the aspects of running a business. Entrepreneurs have to wear multiple hats in multiple departments, so their work activities list can be quite long. Some of the most common work activities include prospecting for clients, negotiating and closing deals with qualified leads, Managing and completing deliverables for client projects, analyzing KPIs to make strategic decisions, and recruiting employees to scale the business.

Our collection of Entrepreneur sample cover letters exhibit the following skills and qualifications.

  • Business acumen
  • Project management skills
  • Time management skills
  • Prioritization and organization skills
  • Leadership ability
  • Decision making skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Self-motivated

Check out one of our sample Entrepreneur cover letters below.

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Dear Mr. Hill

I am writing to convey my interest in contributing my entrepreneurial expertise to your organization. As an Entrepreneur with five years of experience running a freelance writing business, I think I have the skills necessary to succeed at your organization.

My professional experience includes assessing the content needs of a client and creating deliverables that go beyond expectations. I would love the opportunity to bring my skills to Likewise Content.

Below is a list of my most significant skills and accomplishments:

  • Maintained consistently  profitable client portfolio
  • Earned new clients through word of mouth referrals
  • Conducted quarterly and yearly financial analysis
  • Helped client grow their blog email list from 0 to 1000 subscribers in three months

I’m a self-starter who is a master of multitasking. My entrepreneurial experience shows I can succeed with minimal direction, and I am confident I would hit the ground running at Likewise Content. If you are interested, then give me a call to schedule an interview. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Brianna L. Long

Cover letters are used to give your resume a personal touch and pull out specifics in your work history to give a hiring manager a closer look at your potential fit. Our franchise owner cover letter example is a good way to get started on writing your document. Use it along with our do’s and don’ts to craft a truly effective letter.

  • Do use your letter as a vehicle for explaining a narrative about what brought you to becoming a franchise owner. A personal story can differentiate you from the competition.
  • Don’t be afraid to quantify your experience and achievements with specific numbers. Measurable results are an important part of being a successful franchise owner.
  • Do have someone who knows you read your letter. They’ll be able to give you honest feedback and judge whether the letter actually capitalizes on your best qualities.
  • Don’t write an entire novel. The cover letter is meant to give a succinct overview of why you should be chosen to move forward in the process, so keep it concise.

Franchise Owner Advice

If you’re thinking of getting into the food and restaurant industry as a franchise owner, the cover letter examples below can help. Use these cover letter examples as a guide in writing and formatting your own cover letter, then create your own cover letter with confidence. Choose from multiple design options to give your cover letter a strong, professional look. Take the next step toward owning your own franchise! Click on any of the cover letter examples here.

Cover Letter Tips for Franchise Owner

Landing a job as a Franchise Owner can be made significantly easier by taking a strategic approach to your job search. These tips can help you with your job hunt.

1. Be creative and proactive. In addition to using social media, you need to work your contacts for getting your cover letter in front of hiring managers.

2. Talk more, click less. Think about it: everyone can get the same information from the Internet, but you can gain an edge in the job market by speaking directly to contacts in the industry.

3. Curate your social media profile. Do more than have a social media account. Actively promote your presence by blogging or posting recommendations from colleagues. It can give potential employers deeper insight on what you can bring to the table.

4. Keep up your professional social media profiles like LinkedIn. Job recruiters often reach out to potential candidates through sites like LinkedIn or other job boards. Recruiters often have insight to openings that are not posted on websites.

5. Prepare for a long job search. It takes discipline to get out of your comfort zone and network, especially when your job hunting efforts don’t immediately pan out into a job. When you feel discouraged, remember to ask yourself what do you want to be proud of when you look back a year from now?

Franchise Owner Job Seeking Tips

Every job seeker must have a cover letter because it’s a given that every job lead will ask for one. A winning cover letter will be key to getting an interview and a job as a Franchise Owner. These tips can help you create a cover letter that highlights your skill set no matter your years of job experience or career level.

1. Use strong verbs in your cover letter. Instead of using the verb “work,” the word “collaborated” is more specific in describing your experience.

2. In your cover letter, highlight your transferable skills. Potential employers would want to gauge what you can bring to the company.

3. While it’s important to list your job history, it’s not necessary to put the details for jobs that are more than 15 years old.

4. For cover letter pages, the general advice is to not go beyond two pages, even for executive job seekers. However, professions like academia or doctors who use CVs instead of cover letter do not need to adhere to the two-page rule.

5. Include a “profile” or “summary of qualifications” section. This can help give your cover letter a sharp focus for hiring managers who scan several cover letters at a time.


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