Parents Pressure On Students Essay

Parental Pressure Within High School Students

Parental Pressure within High School Students

I.     I became interested in this topic because my entire academic life has
been filled with pressure from my parents. This pressure was mainly in school
and grades, and in high school, the amount of pressure increased dramatically.
This is because my parents now realized that everything in high school counts
towards college. When I first came to high school, my grades were not as good
as they were in middle school. I needed a little time to adapt to high school
before I could improve my grades. During this time, my parents became upset
because I brought home a report card that was not as good as they were expecting.
Then I really noticed the pressure getting higher and higher. I did not only
notice this with me, but I noticed this with many of my friends. I heard
phrases like “My parents are going to kill me” and “I'm going to be grounded for
10 years” many times so when the opportunity to do research on this came up, I
chose this as my subject.

II. How does parental pressure influence students in high school? If there
is an influence, is it positive or negative? I would like to do research on
this because it raised my curiosity. For me personally, I do better in school
if I am calm and have little pressure, but there might be students out there at
Ramapo High School that think differently. These are some of the things that I
will try to find out through this I-Search.

III.     At the beginning of my search, I had a really hard time finding
secondary sources. First, I went to the school library. Since the school
library has this computer program called BELS, there was no need to go to the
other libraries. BELS is a program that lists all the books in Franklin Lakes,
Wyckoff, and Oakland. It is a network that unites the two public libraries and
the one in Indian Hills. I then went to an article search. I had no luck here
either. When I went home, I went on America Online to try to find some articles
or any secondary sources. I went to the article search and still found nothing.
After a few days, I asked the school librarian to help me find some books. She
guided me to a section that had books about social problems. Luckily, I found
two books on families and parents. These were two good books, but I still
needed at least one more to fulfill my requirement. I went to the Special
Services department and talked to a person there. She gladly offered help. She
said that she would look through her stuff and try to find what she could on
this subject. Then she told me to come back after school to pick up whatever
she had. I returned after the school day ended and went back to the Special
Services department. She was waiting there with two books and an article.
Although I found that one of the books that I was given was not a real good help,
the others were. My secondary sources were finished and now I had to move on to
my primary sources. These were much...

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Essay topic

Nowadays children are experiencing too much educational and social pressure. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to reduce the pressure?

Sample response

Parents now expect too much from their children. Most of them want their children to get into prestigious institutions and secure jobs with six figure salaries. Consequently children are under tremendous pressure to perform.

For example, in India most parents want their children to get into IITs or secure a medical degree. They don’t care whether the child has aptitude for science or mathematics. They understand that a degree from these prestigious institutions have the potential to change lives for better.

However, parents who expect too much from their children aren’t doing them a service. Students who fail to do well in examinations often fall into depression. Some even commit suicides. They can’t come to terms with the fact that they failed to live up to the expectations of their parents.

The media has played an important role in developing this culture. The media glorifies winners. They are given too much coverage. Thanks to the proliferation of cable television and the internet, every parent now wants their child to be featured on television programs and newspapers. Actually, academic pressure isn’t the only burden on children these days. They are required to excel in extracurricular activities as well. Most children attend singing, dancing and drawing classes. A lot of them receive training in martial arts and musical instruments.  

Reality shows are another culprit. Of course, they give talented children a platform to showcase their skills. But they are also putting unwanted stress on children who lack these skills. Not all children are born to be a singer or dancer. Parents need to realize this.

To conclude, unrealistic expectations are the number one cause of stress among children. Parents must be sensitized about this problem. They must realize that children who are under tremendous pressure to perform are unlikely to succeed in school or life.

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