Easters 2009 Topics For Persuasive Essays

Be the amazing you
The make up
Was to prevent the break up
And just to wake up (pause) and
Find out that someone don't feel the
Same way about you
Where did I go wrong
Our love was so strong
I hate dress
But I put it on just to impress
(Pause) you
I straighten my hair
Just to let love sparkle in the air
But I guest I was unfair
To squeeze size 5 on my feet
From every since we meet

Chorus :
Be true to y_______o____u
Don't let any one change you
You are wonderfully made
Don't try to be a fake
Don't replace your name
And try to fit in the fame
Before you came
There was someone made for you
Who will love you for you
Your eyes are sparkling
And you are unique in your walking
And your personality is applauding
Your name will be calling
When you won awards for your marking
For being original
Because you choose to be normal
And just to be you
So don't put on a dress
Just to impress
You already won the beauty contest
Don't try to pass the celebrity test
It only put your life in a mess
Because you try to be your best
When in a relationship it only
take truth and the amazing you
(Yeah ah the amazing you )

If you have to recite words it is a fake
If you have to change yourself it is a mistake
Don't think that you are crazy
To just find out that you are amazing
When you just be the amazing you
Slowly: when you just be the amazing you

Hi Kristen,

I actually hadn't seen your product before today. I took a look at it
(the thumbnails, preview and description, since I don't have access to the entire product)and I have to say that I don't really see the similarities, with one exception, and that would be the Robin Williams quote from the description. However, I found that quote several weeks before I even wrote this post and used it in my Spring Creative and Critical Thinking Pack along with two others. If you google "Spring Quotes," that one shows up pretty prominently.

I have done several collections of writing prompts both for TpT products and on this blog and my style remains similar throughout. I have used quotes in my prompts, asked students to imagine things, used story-starters etc. Given the same topic, I don't think it is surprising that two writers might come up with some similar prompts independently. So rather than inspiration, I would go with "Great minds think alike."

If anyone reading this is curious about the prompts in question, here is the link to Kristen's product:




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