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Synthesis Essay #1: America’s Penny Coin

The essay is in the following file. Free Response 2008 Essay #1 “America’s Penny Coin”

 Read the essay prompt and sources carefully. 

  • You must do all that the prompt tells your to. 

  • Remember to cite your sources, address the oppostion, avoid fallacies in your arguments. 

  •  Make sure that your reasons and evidences support your claim and that your warrants are sound and generally acceptable  to your audience. 

  • Define anything that you feel the general audience might not know. 

  • Use voice in your essay by drawing on your observations, experiences, and readings. 

Student Responses for Essay #1

Free Response Essay #1 Student Examples and Rubrics “America’s Penny Coin”

 These examples are student responses that were written in 2008 in the actual test setting.  Some are good examples and some are not.  You can evaluate your essay by doing the following things:

  • Read the rubric for the essay prompt about “America’s Penny Coin”
  • Read each student response.
  • Read the reader’s evaluation score of the students’ responses.  

Refutation Model: ersuasive papers require proving your claim. That means you need to use reasoning to refute any opposing arguments and then show how your claim is best. Look a the following model and consider implementing it into your essays: 

Four-Step Refutation

Your argument (claim) ______________________________________________

They Say __________________________________________________________________

But I disagree_______________________________________________________________





Dela Cruz 1Robyn Dela Cruz Dr. Schuetze-CoburnAP English Language, Per.102 May 2016AP Essay #9 (Penny Coin) – REFEPThe penny coin of the United States is worth the lowest in value yet it has one of the mostfamous presidents, Abraham Lincoln on its side. U.S. Representative, Jim Kolbe proposed to eliminate the penny out of circulation but what the benefits that comes out? None. It would just disrupt the pricing system, the removal of historical value and would cost more to remove rather just keep it. The penny coin should be eliminated because of its historical value and importance to the pricing system.First of all, the historical significance of the penny coin, with both sides of coin dedicatedto the 16thpresident, Abraham Lincoln (Source G), the proposal to remove the coin is like disrespecting Lincoln himself. As source F stated, “the penny coin is perhaps the most visible and tangible remainder of Lincoln’s significance in American history.” A person who cannot dealwith a one cent coin is just being disrespectful. President Bush has signed a legislation in which honors Lincoln’s life. Not even a couple of months had passed since this legislation but Kolbe


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