Work Study Research Papers

Are you are an undergraduate student with a federal work-study award? Would you be interested in assisting with faculty research for your work-study employment? If so, the Work-Study Research Assistant Program can help connect you to available research opportunities on campus.

Why Research?

There are many reasons to consider pursuing a position as a research assistant. Participation in undergraduate research is one way to explore your academic interests, learn about how research is conducted at the university, and build transferable skills useful in a range of fields. Read more about what other UConn undergraduates have to say about how they have benefited from engaging in undergraduate research.

How Can I Apply?

If you have a federal work-study award for 2017-18, apply for one of the research job postings in the JobX system listed below. You may apply to more than one posting if it aligns with your goals and interests. Please follow the specifications of the posting and upload all requested information (e.g., resume, cover letter, availability, references). Only applications from undergraduate students with work-study awards will be considered.

Applications are currently being accepted for all of the positions below with a status of “open.” As applications are being reviewed on an ongoing basis, we encourage you to apply for all positions that interest you as soon as possible. Please check this page regularly as positions will be added frequently through the beginning of the academic year. Students with 2017-18 work-study awards must secure a job by September 22, 2017 or their awards will be canceled.

Job Postings (Alphabetical by Department)


Job PostingFaculty Member(s)DepartmentBrief Position DescriptionStatus
8665Steven UtkeAccountingThis position involves collecting income tax data of publicly traded firms in order to determine how much tax these firms owe on their foreign earnings.Closed
8586Tatiana AndreyevaAgricultural and Resource Economics; Rudd Center for Food Policy & ObesityThe study “Expansion of the Child and Adult Care Food Program in Connecticut” is focused on improving nutrition of young children in child care centers and daycare homes. The first goal of the study is to identify perceived and actual barriers to participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), which provides federally-funded subsidies for meals and snacks served in child care. Second, we will conduct a comprehensive set of outreach and technical assistance efforts to increase provider awareness about CACFP and improve participation rates among eligible child care centers in the state of Connecticut. Finally, the project will lead to recommendations for strategies to address participation barriers and improve CACFP participation among licensed child care centers.Filled
8592Pengfei LiuAgricultural and Resource Economics; Center for Environmental Sciences and EngineeringThis student will assist Dr. Liu in conducting focus group interviews and survey design regarding economic valuations of water quality improvement. The student will also assist with on-campus lab experiments regarding the design of environmental markets and public goods provision.Closed
8605Bruce BlanchardAllied Health SciencesDuring this work-study position, the student will help to assess the ability to taste and perceive sensations from food/beverages and determine how these sensations influence what individuals choose to eat/drink. The student will also help to determine if associations exist between variations in taste, diet, and chronic disease by measuring a number physical and biochemical parameters.Filled
8672Molly WaringAllied Health SciencesMy research focuses on the use of social media and technology for health behavior change, particularly weight management among childbearing women. Current projects include a NIH-funded study to conduct focus groups and then a pilot feasibility randomized trial to compare a post-partum weight loss intervention delivered via Facebook versus in-person groups. Work study students will be involved in multiple aspects of these projects.Filled
8643Dennis D’AmicoAnimal ScienceWe are looking for students interested in food science and microbiology to work in our research lab. Our research focuses on improving the safety and quality of milk and value-added dairy products. This position involves assisting with food safety related lab experiments aimed at controlling pathogenic microorganisms in milk and cheese.Closed
8642Kristen GovoniAnimal ScienceThe Govoni Lab focuses on understanding growth and development at the cellular level to identify methods to improve animal health and production, with a specific focus on how how maternal diet during gestation impacts offspring growth and metabolism. The person in this position will assist a graduate student with analyzing liver and muscle tissue using histology techniques, blood samples through immune assays, and gene expression using real-time PCR. This project is part of a collaboration with several other laboratories, with whom the assistant will also interact.Closed
8632Sarah ReedAnimal ScienceThe Reed Lab focuses on understanding how maternal nutrition during gestation alters muscle development, growth, and metabolism in offspring. This position will assist a graduate student with analyzing muscle tissue using histology techniques, and may support other projects depending on the needs of the lab and abilities of the assistant. This project is part of a collaboration with several other laboratories, with whom the assistant will also interact.Closed
8558Alexia SmithAnthropologyArchaeological plant remains are identified by comparing ancient specimens to modern botanical material and provide information on people’s use of plants and the environment in the past. This position involves cataloging modern botanical reference material within a database, and documenting modern and ancient plant remains from Armenia using microscopy and imaging software in order to better understand the process of fruit domestication and landscape use in the past.Filled
8601Chrystal A. S. SmithAnthropologyThe Student Interview & Survey Research Assistant hired will work on the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, The Effects of Social Capital and Cultural Models on the Retention and Degree Attainment of Women and Minority Engineering Undergraduates. This grant uses anthropological and sociological theories and methodologies to improve our understanding about the challenges that women, ethnic minorities encounter pursuing STEM degrees. Research activities include administering online surveys to a cohort of engineering undergraduates at 11 participating universities over four years and conducting interviews with a subsample of women and minorities. The Principal Investigator is Gladis Kersaint, Ph.D., Dean, Neag School of Education.Filled
8691Chrystal A. S. SmithAnthropologyThe Student Interview & Survey Research Assistant hired will work on the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, EAGER: Measuring the Effects of Academic Climate and Social Networks on Persistence of STEM Undergraduates. This grant uses anthropological and sociological theories and methodologies to develop a survey instrument designed to gather information to understand the impact of STEM academic culture and social networks on persistence in an understudied population, Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) STEM undergraduates. SGM refers to individuals who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) or other sexual or gender minority positionalities. Research activities include conducting interviews and developing survey questions from the interview data and relevant literature. The survey developed will be tested on a purposive sample of SGM STEM undergraduates, refined, and tested again.Closed
8644Bin FengBiomedical EngineeringThe student will assist with customizing a micro-pipetting robot to perform automatic molecular biology tasks.Closed
8645Bin FengBiomedical EngineeringThe student will assist with maintaining transgenic mouse lines and conduct genotyping.Closed
8676Yen-Chih HuangBiomedical EngineeringTo assist the research in the areas of regenerative medicine and stem cell differentiation. The major task will be to differentiate pluripotent stem cells into specific cell lineages and analyze their gene and protein expression.Closed
8664Sabato SantanielloBiomedical EngineeringAssistance is sought with two research projects. The successful candidate will be assigned to one project based on his/her interest and technical skills. One project is about developing software to process electroencephalographic (EEG) data from patients with epilepsy. EEG datasets of various sources are already available in the lab. The goal is to develop software that detects epileptiform events in EEG data for sake of diagnosis and analyzes time-series of EEG-related features to uncover the brain dynamics under epilepsy. One project is about developing and running numerical simulations of large populations of neuron models that reproduce the brain activity under Parkinson’s disease. The goal is to generate and analyze synthetic data of the afflicted brain. The results will then be used to design and test novel therapies based on electrical stimulation. Please note that both projects will be conducted under the direct supervision of a graduate student and the faculty member.Closed
8599Jeffrey McCutcheonChemical EngineeringThe position is for a lab technician. The student will assist with new equipment assembly, testing, and lab operations. The McCutcheon Lab conducts work in membrane separations for water desalination and reuse.Closed
8695Luyi SunChemical and Biomolecular Engineering / Institute of Materials ScienceIn this position, students will be trained to work on multi-functional nanostructured materials for various application. They will learn how to design materials with unique structure (down to nano- and molecular-scale) for specific applications, such as packaging, energy, catalysis, etc. In most cases, the structural design and control are the keys to the high performance of these materials.Filled
8734Christine KirchhoffCivil & Environmental Engineering / Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate AdaptationSixty percent of the population in Connecticut lives along the coast in increasingly dense coastal development. Past storms have damaged properties causing $360 million in damage in Connecticut alone and destroying 4,000 homes in Fairfield and New Haven Counties! In response, coastal communities have begun to elevate homes to mitigate flood risk but are introducing new risks including more difficulty in egress and exposure to greater wind loads. This project aims to investigate this trade-off by arranging interviews with building inspectors/residential building permitting staff in coastal Connecticut towns to understand their perceptions of flood and wind risks, the permitting/inspection process and how it mitigates flood/wind risks, what building inspectors/permitting staff look for (e.g., sufficiency of structural components vs. design to withstand wind loading) in the inspection and permitting of elevated structures, and to identify what barriers and opportunities exist to address joint flood/wind risks.Filled
8641David M. MossCurriculum and InstructionThe student will collect survey and interview data for research on the long-term impact of study abroad programs on education majors. They will also read and summarize literature related to the design and assessment of teacher education study abroad programs.Filled
8635Chris ElphickEcology and Evolutionary BiologyBirds that breed in tidal marsh ecosystems are adapted to regular flooding events, coinciding with the lunar schedule. These high tides often cause nests to fail. Sea level rise will likely cause the frequency, duration, and magnitude of flooding events to increase. This position will help with research focused on describing the nesting traits that may allow four tidal marsh nesting species to persist, adapt, or go extinct due to sea level rise.Closed
8636Chris ElphickEcology and Evolutionary BiologyUnderstanding species distributions is key to many management decisions made by state agencies. UConn has partnered with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to compile existing data sets and map bird species distributions throughout the state. The person in this position will work closely with a postdoctoral research to help compile and interpret existing data sets, thereby facilitating analytical work.Closed
8637Chris SimonEcology and Evolutionary BiologyThe research assistant will conduct dissections and DNA extractions of cicada gastrointestinal tracts for microbial and fungal community (microbiome) sequencing and analysis. They will also prepare samples from various cicada taxa to assess the degree of endosymbiotic bacterial diversity across the cicada tree of life.Closed
8978Mark UrbanEcology and Evolutionary BiologyThe student will assist on a project predicting how aquatic organisms in Acadia National Park will respond to climate change. This project involves cataloging biodiversity in freshwater rock pools in the Park and conducting experiments in the lab to determine how particular species will affected by increases in temperature.Filled
8559Mark UrbanEcology and Evolutionary BiologyWe are looking for a student that would be willing to be involved in all aspects of my research lab on the evolutionary ecology of pond amphibians and invertebrates. Work study students would get a chance to work on a variety of tasks, including helping with lab experiments, performing field work on amphibians, identifying collected samples, chemical analyses, equipment maintenance, literature reviews, and data entry.Filled
8654Michael R. WilligEcology and Evolutionary Biology / Center for Environmental Sciences and EngineeringThe Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering hosts a full-service research and analytical chemistry facility that supports the needs of academic, government, commercial and non-profit organizations. We are looking for a student who is willing to gain experience in an interdisciplinary analytical laboratory by assisting staff scientists in environmental research that relates to ecosystem health and sustainability.Closed
8585Yaowu YuanEcology and Evolutionary BiologyWe study the genetics and developmental mechanisms that generate the tremendous diversity of flower color and shape.Filled
8618Milagros Castillo-MontoyaEducational LeadershipSeeking student research review assistant to be a part of a research team working on issues of diversity in colleges and universities. These issues include student activism’s relevance for higher education, Black Lives Matter’s relevance for higher education, and teaching through diversity in higher education.Closed
8614Aarti BellaraEducational PsychologyThis study aims to review the historical policy around assessment in education and compares large state assessment systems, policies, and documents.Closed
8627Scott W. BrownEducational PsychologyThe National Science Foundation has awarded a grant to the University of Connecticut beginning in August 2017 to develop an innovative interdisciplinary training model for PhD students in psychology, communications, linguistics, genomics, education and related areas using problem-based learning curriculum activities. These UOR positions will provide literature support (drafting literature reviews) and assessment instruments to assess program impact on an interdisciplinary team.Closed
8628Scott W. BrownEducational PsychologyThe GlobalEd 3 Project is a federally funded research project conducted in middle school social studies classrooms in 2 different states. The project conducts a simulation of international Water Resources with classrooms of students who are assigned a country to play in a 12-week problem-based simulation conducted online. Each classroom plays a different country in the simulation designed to promote writing skills, scientific literacy, and socio-scientific inquiry skills.Filled
8615Sandy ChafouleasEducational PsychologyThis position entails working with Dr. Chafouleas and her research team, with specific emphasis on tasks for the UConn Collaboratory on School and Child Health (CSCH: see The CSCH mission is to facilitate innovative research and dissemination in school and child health, acknowledging that a whole child lens that integrates academics and health in serving students leads to better student outcomes across domains (academic, social, emotional, behavioral, physical). Although CSCH is engaged in many research activities, the primary job tasks for this position include synthesis of research in different areas related to school and child health, with the intent to synthesize information on evidence-informed policy and practices into brief user-friendly reports. Synthesized content also will be used in short video modules intended to increase knowledge about the focal area (e.g. what are best practices for increasing physical activity?, what has the policy impact been on changes to school nutrition programs?).Closed
8607Michael CoyneEducational PsychologyThe Early Reading Research Team consists of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students conducting research to support the reading success of students in elementary schools who are at risk for reading difficulties and disability. The team also edits the Elementary School Journal, one of the top educational research journals.Closed
8656E. Jean GubbinsEducational PsychologyThe National Center for Research on Gifted Education is a federally funded project focusing on identification and programming in gifted education for students who have been historically underrepresented in gifted programs (i.e., (African American, Hispanic or Latino, and Native American), students from lower income families, and students from small-town or rural communities). We are working with one state that provides full-time or part-time programming in mathematics or reading to identified students. We will investigate the outcomes of these programming opportunities through observations, state achievement data, and document review.Closed
8827Tamika La SalleEducational PsychologyResearchers in the School Psychology Department are taking part in statewide research efforts to explore the impact of preschool factors on educational and social outcomes, as well as separate international project exploring school climate across cultural contexts. Dr. La Salle, Assistant Professor of School Psychology, is seeking an undergraduate research assistant to join our data team.Filled
8598Catherine LittleEducational PsychologyProject SPARK is a federally-funded research study that focuses on supporting schools in recognizing and responding to high potential in the early grades, particularly in populations generally underserved by advanced academic programs. We are seeking student research assistants to support data collection and management, preparation of reports, and organization of materials. The work schedule is flexible; some work in schools may be expected depending on availability.Filled
8640D. Betsy McCoachEducational PsychologyWe are conducting secondary data analyses of educational data. I have several different projects that are in process. The first project focuses on alternative methods for determining school effectiveness. The second project focuses on examining the relationships between gifted education identification and programming practices and student achievement and other student level outcomes.Closed
8657Bianca Montrosse-Moorhead & Suzanne WilsonEducational Psychology & Curriculum and InstructionBe a part of the Project MSSP (Moving Science Standards into Practice) research team. This cutting-edge research project is looking at how to improve the teaching and learning of scienceClosed
8659Bianca Montrosse-MoorheadEducational PsychologyBe a part of Project MOSE (MOney Supporting Education). This exciting research project is looking at how taxpayer dollars relate to benefits in education.Closed
8660Bianca Montrosse-MoorheadEducational PsychologyBe a part of Project SEA (Study of Evaluation Anxiety). This exciting research project aims to describe public attitudes toward evaluation studies.Closed
8661Bianca Montrosse-MoorheadEducational PsychologyBe a part of Project TALE (Teaching And Learning in Education). This important and timely project is looking at how to put trustworthy and high qualify information in the hands of educators.Closed
8675Abhishek DuttaElectrical and Computer EngineeringTractable biophysical modeling of brain dynamics followed by control-theoretic approaches in neuroscience for treatment of brain disorders.Filled
8846Ali BazziElectrical and Computer EngineeringThis project is to design and test a multi-level inverter, with special focus on high power testing (>1kW), PCB design, and fault analysis. The student will support a PhD student’s research project with power electronics and embedded system design and testing tasks.Filled
8724Faquir JainElectrical and Computer EngineeringThe student will be responsible for assisting faculty in research efforts in Electrical Engineering related to technology and equipment design and function. This will involve taking measurements and analyzing data to resolve problems within specific guidelines. The student will be required to spend time within a clean room and will be exposed to CMOS device fabrication techniques.Filled
8609A. Harris FairbanksEnglishResearch assistance in this position will contribute to a book manuscript now in a completed draft that studies three culturally influential systems serving as paradigm examples of three human drives: Euclid’s geometry and the quest for truth; chess and competition; parliamentary procedure and cooperation. The conclusion traces the interaction of these three systems in American political history from their climactic convergence in the late eighteenth century to their highly contested state at the present moment.Closed
8803Brad SimpsonHistoryResearch support for a book on the history of the idea of self-determination and human rights in international politics from the 1940s through the 1990s. This position will involve searching for (and processing) primary sources for the book, including popular media (newspapers, magazines, etc.), government documents from online collections, cartoons, images, and manuscript collections at the Dodd Center.Closed
8694Fiona VernalHistoryThis project is part of a long-term research project on the history of Caribbean immigration to the Greater Hartford region from the 1940s to the contemporary period. Project is interested in mapping settlement patterns in Hartford County and involves archival research in the Dodd Center, and in local community archive of the West India Social Club if the student is interested and transportation is available.Closed
8674Kari AdamsonsHuman Development and Family StudiesDr. Adamsons conducts research on issues relating to fathering, parenting, coparenting, and couple relationships. Opportunities exist for working on a number of different possible manuscripts and/or presentations.Closed
8616Alaina BrenickHuman Development and Family StudiesMy research uses social-ecological and social reasoning frameworks to examine the how students, school staff, and parents reason about and respond to discriminatory victimization (e.g., victimization based on ethnicity, immigration status, gender and sexual identity). This research surveys middle and high school students, their parents, and school staff about their evaluations of discriminatory victimization, and relates these evaluations to individual and contextual variables such as perceptions of school climate, the implementation and effectiveness of school interventions for inclusive and safe climates, and student wellbeing.Closed
8763Alaina BrenickHuman Development and Family StudiesMy research uses social-ecological and social reasoning frameworks to examine the how students, school staff, and parents reason about and respond to discriminatory victimization (e.g., victimization based on ethnicity, immigration status, gender and sexual identity). This research surveys middle and high school students, their parents, and school staff about their evaluations of discriminatory victimization, and relates these evaluations to individual and contextual variables such as perceptions of school climate, the implementation and effectiveness of school interventions for inclusive and safe climates, and student wellbeing.Filled – Hartford Campus
8633Kim GansHuman Development and Family StudiesThe student will provide support for one or more ongoing research projects that deal with physical activity, nutrition and/or obesity prevention in under-served populations including Latinos and assist with development of papers and grants from the professor’s previous and future research.Closed
8693Maria LaRussoHuman Development and Family StudiesWhy do some children and adolescents suffer emotionally, struggle socially, and fail academically, while other youth, often in the same schools, thrive and succeed? Research assistants in my lab work on various projects that include 1) interview and survey data on children and adolescents followed over five years, 2) experimental data collected on social and emotional learning (SEL), conflict resolution, and risk prevention programs in schools, 3) qualitative and quantitative data on relationships and social experiences of youth in high conflict and low conflict schools, and 4) life history interviews that focus on adolescent interpretations of their life stories.Closed – Hartford Campus
8692Maria LaRussoHuman Development and Family StudiesWhy do some children and adolescents suffer emotionally, struggle socially, and fail academically, while other youth, often in the same schools, thrive and succeed? Research assistants in my lab work on various projects that include 1) interview and survey data on children and adolescents followed over five years, 2) experimental data collected on social and emotional learning (SEL), conflict resolution, and risk prevention programs in schools, 3) qualitative and quantitative data on relationships and social experiences of youth in high conflict and low conflict schools, and 4) life history interviews that focus on adolescent interpretations of their life stories.Closed
8709Caitlin McPherran LombardiHuman Development and Family StudiesResearch assistants in my lab in 2017-18 will support ongoing studies investigating the contributions of the early childhood educator workforce, parental employment, and parenting quality toward children’s school readiness and the income-based achievement gap. Students will assist with searching empirical research literature, examining secondary data, and preparing manuscripts and grants.Closed
8590Beth S. RussellHuman Development and Family StudiesResearch assistants in my lab in 2017-18 will support 2 ongoing child development studies. Both focus on social emotional development from Kindergarten through elementary school, but differ in their specific focus and their measurement: 1) ACT is a Hartford school-based intervention study focused on reducing the effects of trauma; and 2) the Self-control study focuses on mothers’ contributions to her Kindergartener’s emotional development. All research assistant activities will take place on UConn’s Storrs campus.Filled
8560Ryan WatsonHuman Development and Family StudiesMy lab focuses on hooking up and other experiences among LGBTQ young people, including studying their relationships with family, at school, their sexual health, and other various health outcomes (such as depression, eating behaviors, etc.). I am currently collecting data with the Human Rights Campaign; this is a national sample of about 10,000 young LGBTQ people across the US. Students interested in this position would commit to searching current literature on aforementioned subjects and potentially contributing to academic papers and/or grant proposals. Other tasks include producing reports from LGBTQ Teen National Study, working on conference proposals and presentations, and more.Closed
8606Lawrence E. ArmstrongKinesiologyHydration Research Study in the Human Performance Laboratory. The successful student applicant will participate in a human research study, from start to finish, across two semesters.Filled
8620Douglas CasaKinesiology / The Korey Stringer InstituteThis position is devoted to providing students exposure to high-level research, advocacy and education initiatives related to the mission of the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI). The mission of the Korey Stringer Institute is to provide research, education, advocacy and consultation to maximize performance, optimize safety and prevent sudden death for the athlete, warfighter and laborer. Individuals will be provided full immersion into the daily operations of an active research lab; assisting with field studies, epidemiological investigations and laboratory protocols focused on preventing sudden death in sport and enhancing sport safety.Filled
8608Elaine Choung-Hee LeeKinesiology / Human Performance LaboratoryThe Lee Lab is seeking an assistant to assist in a genome-wide RNAi screen in Caenorhabditis elegans. This project involves systematically knocking down ~20,000 genes in C. elegans with the aim of discovering genes that are involved in the mechanism by which certain C. elegans live longer lives and are more resilient to environmental stress. The genes are expected to be related to genes in the human genome related to aging diseases and susceptibility to stress.Closed
8677Lindsey LepleyKinesiologyThe Sport Optimization and Rehabilitation ( Division of the Human Performance Laboratory is looking for a talented and highly motivated undergraduate laboratory research assistant. The candidate will help to lead studies that seek to establish novel interventions to promote quadriceps strength and function after knee injury.Filled
8603Beth TaylorKinesiologyThe research assistant will work on a grant funded by the American Heart Association to investigate the side effects of statins, the most commonly used cholesterol-lowering drugs. Forty patients with a history of high cholesterol are being enrolled to determine better strategies to measure and document statin-associated muscle side effects.Filled
8634David NobleManagementThe primary project that the student will be asked to work on is the further development of an article involving Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Big Data in the delivery of Patient Centered Care in a healthcare setting. The article was first developed in an independent study last year based upon previous undergraduate research.Closed
8651Hannes BaumannMarine Sciences (Avery Point)The Baumann lab at UConn Avery Point seeks a motivated student laboratory and Field Analysis assistant to aid its ongoing experimental research on fish sensitivity and adaptation to climate change. Motivated and reliable candidates will help maintain (cleaning, checking, feeding) rearing enclosures in the Rankin Lab, assist with field collections via beach seining, and measure preserved specimens in the lab. These analyses and experiments help us determine how vulnerable early and juvenile stages of common forage fish are to warming and acidifying oceans.Filled – Avery Point Campus
8619Gerlinde Berger-WalliserMarketing / Business LawComparing current issues in U.S. business law with European civil law systems, including privacy and data security, international jurisdiction, and non-financial reporting. The position is particularly suitable for pre-law students with an interest in business, European or private international law.Filled
8663Kelly HerdMarketingAs a marketing professor and consumer psychologist, I am interested in uncovering how people’s thoughts and experiences influence their cognitions, particularly as they relate to the creative process. Using lab experiments, we ask participants to complete a series of creativity, brainstorming, and product design tasks, which are then evaluated on a variety of dimensions.Filled
8631David A. NortonMarketingThis research is about how and when consumers employ different brands to hide information about themselves. What characteristics do consumers most want to conceal, and what strategies they use to do so?Closed
8773Harold BrodyMaterials Science and Engineering / Institute of Materials ScienceStudent research assistant will support the ongoing research programs within the IMS Casting and Solidification Research Facility, including maintenance, operation, and testing of equipment, and be assigned a research project, requiring application of MSE principles and practices, for which the student will have direct responsibility. Research programs are both experimental and computational. Student will gain hands-on experience in metallurgical experimentation and in computer programming.Closed
8710Avinash DongareMaterials Science and Engineering / Institute of Materials ScienceSeeking a Student Research Assistant for atomic scale modeling using density functional theory (DFT) and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to investigate the role of composition on the phase transformation behavior of phase change materials.Closed
8790Michael PettesMechanical EngineeringSynthesis of atomically-thin crystallites is challenging and opens up many new possibilities related to thermal, electrical, and optical phenomena unique to this class of materials. Students involved in this work-study program will be required to perform daily growth of tungsten diselenide and gallium selenide via chemical vapor deposition which will be incorporated into optoelectronic device structures. Students will work closely with Ph.D.-level students and will be expected to perform background literature reviews and professional development activities such as fellowship applications which may be based on this project.Filled
8837Kendra MaasMicrobial Analysis, Resources and Services (MARS) FacilityThe structure of microbial communities at any point in time likely is strongly related to the way that the community developed. During spring/summer 2017, Spring Hill farm put in an aquaponics system. By collaborating with students at the farm, we have weekly samples from the establishment of the aquaponics system which will allow us to examine the community succession using DNA sequencing of the bacterial community.Closed
8589Jonathan KlassenMolecular and Cell BiologyResearch in the Klassen lab seeks to understand how microbes communicate and compete with each other using antibiotics and other related metabolites. We especially study a model fungus-growing ant symbiosis where different microbes use different metabolites to communicate with each other and protect their ant host. This position will support ongoing research on these various symbioses led by graduate and honors undergraduate students in my lab, potentially including genetic, microbiological, and chemical analyses depending on project needs and student skills.Closed
8696John MaloneMolecular and Cell BiologyThe Malone Laboratory studies how abnormal gene copy number influences evolution.Filled
8626Melissa McKinneyNatural Resources and the Environment / Center for Environmental Sciences and EngineeringOur research program lies within the fields of marine ecology and ecotoxicology, with a focus on the trophic ecology and food webs of Arctic marine fish and mammals, particularly top predators. We investigate the influence of rapid warming and sea ice loss on the feeding and food web relationships of native and non-native species within Arctic marine ecosystems, and the interactions with other anthropogenic stressors facing fish and wildlife, particularly pollutants.Closed
8595Anita MorzilloNatural Resources and the EnvironmentThis position will assist faculty and graduate students with research related to public perceptions and human decision-making about natural resources and the environment.  Project topics include attitudes toward black bears, roadside forest management, non-target impacts of pesticides on wildlife, pathogen runoff from agriculture, and sustainability of rural communities.  The student will have the opportunity to become involved with several of these ongoing projects depending on student interest and progress of each project.Filled
8819Jason ParentNatural Resources and the EnvironmentGeospatial mapping and analysis of utility infrastructure and vegetation risk. Assist with field data collections involving the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.Closed
9093Chandi WitharanaNatural Resources and the EnvironmentThe student will get the opportunity to work on a variety of GIS mapping tasks, such as Arctic ice-wedge polygon mapping, utility infrastructure extraction, and perform other duties including literature review and data entry.Filled
8655Ruth LucasNursingOur lab is examining mother and newborn infant interactions within a biobehavioral framework. We focus specifically on breastfeeding collecting data in the hospital and in mother and newborn infant’s home examining maternal pain, maternal characteristics, infant feeding behaviors, and trialing a breastfeeding diagnostic device to objective evaluate infants’ effort during breast and bottle feeding.Filled
8697Angela StarkweatherNursing / Center for Advancement in Managing PainOur team conducts clinical pain research we have a variety of active research protocols involving psychosocial, behavioral and neurological assessments in participants with acute and chronic pain conditions. You will gain experience in recruitment, enrollment, data collection and data management while receiving mentorship in scientific writing and manuscript development in an environment that promotes team science and leadership opportunities.Filled
8678Jonathan MooreOperations and Information ManagementThe Operations and Information Management Department (OPIM) in the School of Business is looking for a student research assistant to help with the development of an innovation space in our research lab. This space will provide students and faculty with various innovative technologies to work on projects and investigate usage for research purposes. Some of the technologies will be 3D printing (already available), Virtual Reality systems (Oculus Rift, Gear VR), Microcontrollers (Raspberry Pi), and Robotics/Drones. Working with faculty, you will investigate new technologies, implement them in the lab, and teach others how to use them. Hands on experience with any of these technologies is a plus./td>Filled
8610Nathaniel RicklesPharmacy PracticeThis position will involve assisting the faculty member in development, implementation, and/or evaluation of several projects starting and/or ongoing related to engaging pharmacists and patients in behavior change leading to improve patient outcomes. Some of the work will explore attitudes of different stakeholders about different pharmacist interventions related to care involving drugs of abuse, having a mental illness, and/or being elderly. Other projects may involve analyzing prescribing/dispensing data reflecting medication use patterns among those on drugs of abuse and mental health medications. The work will involve these topics across different phases of research including preparing grant proposals, collecting and analyzing data, and writing of manuscripts.Filled
8662Marcus RossbergPhilosophyThe student will assist with the preparation of a volume of twenty-five scholarly essays. The volume is a companion volume to Gottlob Frege’s Basic Laws of Arithmetic, transl. and ed. by P.A. Ebert and M. Rossberg (see, and is forthcoming with Oxford University Press.Closed
8588Richard JonesPhysicsComputers equipped with high-end gaming hardware have become a useful tool for analyzing data collected from particle physics experiments. This project addresses the challenge of building a small cluster of these machines, and implementing an energy-efficient liquid cooling system for getting rid of the heat they generate in a compact rack-mount configuration.Filled
8602Jianjun SunPhysiology and NeurobiologyOur lab is interested in reproductive physiology, particularly in ovulation and its relation to ovarian cancer. We are using a novel Drosophila model to understand the ovulation mechanism and developing non-steroidal contraceptives. You can find more information about our research from our website ( or from this report ( We are seeking a highly motivated, enthusiastic, and organized Work-Study Student to assist in our research.Filled
8820Linnaea OstroffPhysiology and NeurobiologyResearch in the laboratory focuses on synapse structure as a substrate for the formation of emotional memories. The student will primarily analyze data, and will also assist with laboratory management tasks such as maintaining logs and monitoring inventory.Closed
8760Zehra AratPolitical ScienceA student in this position will assist a political science professor in carrying out a number of human rights research projects (e.g., human rights in Turkey; international human rights norms; economic justice and rights in Islamic context; sustainable development goals and women’s rights; human rights work of the UN Commission on the Status of Women) that are in different stages. Thus, the job will allow the student to observe and participate in different stages of the research process, from the formulation and justification of a research question to the preparation and revision of articles for publication.Filled
8630Virginia HettingerPolitical ScienceData collection assistant for research project on judicial corruption. Student will work with media reports and court records that describe cases involving state judges charged with committing ethics or criminal violations.Filled
8666Prakash KashwanPolitical ScienceThe Environmental Justice Research Assistant recruited for this position will work on a project about environmental justice in the domestic and international contexts. Prospective candidate will conduct an extensive survey of the code of conduct and other means of environmental responsibility that multi-national corporations, multi-lateral agencies such as the World Bank, and international conservation groups use to address concerns about social and environmental justice.Filled
8594Jeremy PressmanPolitical ScienceThis student will find and enter information at The Crowd Counting Consortium started in 2017 as an effort to collect data on all political protests in the United States.Filled
8613Kimberly CuevasPsychological Sciences (Storrs)Student research assistants interested in developmental cognitive neuroscience research with a background in psychological sciences are encouraged to apply. RAs will contribute to multiple aspects of research (recruitment, data collection, data coding) investigating the development of cognitive flexibility, imitation, and the “social brain”.Closed
8680Kimberly CuevasPsychological Sciences (Waterbury)Student research assistants interested in developmental cognitive neuroscience research with a background in psychological sciences at the Waterbury Campus are encouraged to apply. RAs will contribute to multiple aspects of research (recruitment, data collection, data coding) investigating the development of cognitive flexibility, imitation, and the “social brain”.Closed – Waterbury campus
8591James MagnusonPsychological SciencesWe are seeking research assistants to aid in our research on human language understanding. Research assistants participate in a variety of tasks, including running cognitive neuroscience experiments, and have the possibility of becoming involved in conference presentations or journal publications.Filled
8652Kerry MarshPsychological Sciences (Hartford)This research assistant will be involved in the conduct of social psychological research that focuses on social perception and nonverbal communication (e.g., gaze), social bonds, and the influence of social settings on interpersonal interactions. The research methods will commonly involve laboratory experiments in which human subjects interact with a virtual person (avatar) using immersive, highly interactive virtual reality.Closed – Hartford campus
8600Letitia NaiglesPsychological SciencesHow do children acquire their native language? My lab investigates young children’s speaking and understanding, especially of word meanings and sentences. We also compare typically developing children and children with autism spectrum disorder, to assess the relative contributions of environment and biology in language learning.Filled
8629Christin L. MunschSociologyThe research assistant will help carry out three social science experiments designed to understand the ways in which implicit assumptions linked to various family forms (for example, divorced persons, never married persons, single parents) perpetuate workplace inequality.Closed
8639Bandana PurkayasthaSociologySeeking a research assistant who can gather secondary data for a project tracking water, inequalities and rights focusing on urban households in the US and India.Filled
8638Bandana PurkayasthaSociologySeeking a research assistant who can help with secondary data gathering, management and preparations for publication for a project on recent immigrants in Connecticut.Closed
8604Andrea VoyerSociologyProfessor Voyer is seeking a Student Laboratory Assistant to assist with a research study of a book called Emily Post’s Etiquette. Etiquette was first published in 1922 and last published in 2017. Professor Voyer is building and analyzing a digital database that includes every edition of Etiquette.Closed
8825Erika Skoe & Adrian Garcia-SierraSpeech, Language, and Hearing SciencesAssist in performing auditory research related to bilingualism. Student will conduct interviews in English and Spanish.Closed
8679Erika SkoeSpeech, Language, and Hearing SciencesA student in this position will assist faculty and graduate students as they conduct EEG (electroencephalography) research in the Auditory Brain Research Lab.Closed
8802Barbara GurrWomen’s, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesThis position of webmaster/mistress will require a working knowledge of WordPress, scheduling skills, and communication skills. Student worker will be trained in evaluating and vetting research.Closed


Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research at or 486-7939 with any questions about this program. General questions about work-study and student employment can be directed to Student Financial Aid Services – Student Employment at or 486-3474.

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