Sample Cover Letter For Substance Abuse Counseling Position


I handle challenging and sensitive situations with tact and diplomacy. I am able to communicate effectively with professional, managerial, technical and clerical personnel. Discretion, judgment, initiative and problem solving are skills that I excel at in my professional career. I am fluent in English and Spanish.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Work closely with public and private agencies, schools, health and recreational agencies.
  • Worked in collaboration with other professional disciplines.
  • Supervising, coordinating, prioritizing, organizing, teaching skills.
  • Prepare letters, memos, presentations, plans, reports and other clerical works.
  • People skills and creative skills.
  • Computer skills; office and administrative work.
  • Responsible for pulling and re-filing charts, filing correspondence, copying charts, general clerical tasks, distributes faxes and mail.
  • Professional Experience

    The Jacksonville Bridge Sept 2008 – Feb 2010

  • Work with clients in work release center
  • Individual counseling, Group Counseling; where client explore themselves and their situations in an attempt to modify their attitude and behavior.
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • Psycho-social evaluations, Treatment Plan; created around client problem, which is in need of improvement, assessments and daily progress notes.
  • Group meetings on weekly basis to talk about improvement or problems with client in order to maintain or change treatment for the wellbeing of the client.
  • Administrative and clerical work.

  • U-46 School District Sept 2005- Sept 2006


  • Teach Hispanics-Latinos students who recently moved to United States Basic English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Spanish, Reading Comprehension and Computer.
  • Responsible for planning techniques for the students in order to facilitate the transition to United States.
  • Responsible for after school program for the student with difficulties in school.
  • Report cards, meeting with staff and/ or parents and memos
  • Administrative and clerical work.

  • Henry & Rilla White Foundation Oct 2004- July 2005

    BHOS Counselor

  • Work closely with teenagers in the program of juvenile justice.
  • Responsible for improving the teen’s functioning when returning to the society, family, and educational environment.
  • Provide individual counseling, group therapy, assessments, treatment plans, daily progress notes, and intakes.
  • Meetings on weekly basis with professionals to report improvements or problems with client in order to maintain or change treatment for the wellbeing of the client.
  • Travel daily to visit the clients in the homes.
  • Administrative and clerical work.

  • River Region Human Services Jan 2003-Oct 2004
    Substance Abuse Counselor

  • Work closely with adults who have substance abuse addictions.
  • Responsible of individual counseling, treatment groups, intakes, assessments, treatment plans, daily progress notes.
  • Responsible for substance abuse clients who had HIV virus and AIDS.
  • Weekly meeting with professional staff for updates, improvements, and problems with specific clients in order to improve the treatment.

  • Education

    B.A. Clinical Psychology, Boston College, Boston, MA

    Training and License

  • Computer: Microsoft office, Word, Excel, Power Point, Electronic Record Management and administrative, clerical paper work.
  • Security techniques for mental health patients
  • Identification and treatment of serious Mental Disorders and Co-Occurring Substance Abuse Related Disorders.
  • HIV/AIDS counseling, testing and referrals
  • Research for centers providing help to senior citizens
  • Seminars for Substance abuse, metal health for children and teenagers
  • CPR
  • Basic First Aid
  • Substance Abuse Counselor Cover Letter

    Counselors are known to show people the right path against their various addictions. Substance abuse counselors are professionals who will help their patients with problems of drugs, alcohol, and marijuana. Their main role in this profession is to counsel people who abuse drugs and alcohol. People who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and chemically dependent on those products and substance abuse counselors will help such people in recovering from these addictions. Most of the times these counselors will focus on specializing with only one kind of addiction; either alcohol or drugs. Substance abuse counselors are known to give counseling sessions to individuals or to an entire group.

    Individuals who approach substance abuse counselors will always approach them on the outpatient basis, so that they receive counseling for the addiction they are suffering from. If the addiction is too serious, then these patients will have to register themselves in the treatment center for several months or weeks until the problem is completely cured. After a patient is enrolled in the substance abuse counseling center, they will have to undergo group sessions of counseling who are suffering from the similar problems. These groups provide help to one another to get relief from their addiction.

    For a person who is aiming to become a substance abuse counselor, he or she needs to have a high level of emotional stability. Being a counselor of any kind can be very stressful, because most of the times there is a high risk of counter transference. Counter transference is something when the counselor will react emotionally to the problem the patient is suffering from. Substance abuse counselors have to be empathetic towards their patients and never get emotionally involved in their problems, which is good for both the counselor and the patient. Now, when you start applying for jobs, make sure that you write a cover letter to highlight your counseling skills. This article will provide you with a substance abuse counselor cover letter.

    Sample Substance Abuse Counselor Cover Letter

    Michael Haynes
    103 Mutton Town Road
    Seattle, WA98101
    Date: March 3, 2011

    Gary McClure
    Wishful Organization
    3865 Carriage Lane
    Sugar Notch, PA18706
    Dear Mr. McClure,

    The newspapers are filled with job openings these days and I was just waiting for the right position. Yesterday morning while going through the job column I came across your opening for substance abuse counselor. This is position in my field and I can assure you that I have more qualifications than what you have listed in the advertisement. I have been working as a substance abuse counselor since the last seven years. It all started during my teenage when I was volunteering during my summer break for a clinic and the decision was taken then. I decided to follow my interest, which lead me to complete my education in human services. During my course I interned with the university clinic. Today, I am a licensed substance abuse counselor.

    You can find my attached resume for review. In my history you will come to know that I have had experience in working with all age groups as well as along with their families. Also, I have vast experience in social service, where I have worked in helping addicts recover and also in the transitional home. With my given experience I am sure that I will be the ideal candidate for this job.

    I have always had the urge to help individuals and their families who have been affected with substance abuse. I can work at any time whenever my help is required. Today, also I make sure to offer volunteer help as and when I get time and help my previous clients as well.

    It would be good if we could meet in person and have a small chat as to my experience and the future of your organization. You can reach me any time on 360-615-0384. Thank you for giving your time.

    Michael Haynes

    Enclosure: Resume

    In this manner you can write your cover letter and keep it simple. Good luck!

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