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On May 9, 1961, Newton N. Minow stepped to the microphone in front of a meeting of the National Association of Broadcasters in Washington, D.C. Minow had recently been named chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and this would be his first speech.

After telling those gathered that he had admiration and respect for the “honorable profession” of broadcasting, he cut to the theme of his remarks: how television could uphold the public interest. And it was clear he felt that goal was not yet being met:

The phrase with which he described television—a “vast wasteland”—would stick, cementing the speech in the annals of rhetoric. (The person who came up with the phrase was journalist John Bartlow Martin.)

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The reason television needed to be better, Minow said, was bigger than entertainment. During the Cold War, the communications potential of television needed to be put to use for the cause of helping democracy defeat communism. In such a time, he said, “the old complacent, unbalanced fare of action-adventure and situation comedies is simply not good enough.”

Though Minow was adamant that his FCC had no intention to “muzzle or censor broadcasting,” he did note that the FCC had the power to refuse to reissue broadcasting licenses. The audience, TIME reported, “took the speech as a deliberate tactic to scare stations and networks into better programing, and as a hint that they should do something about it soon.”

The speech is acknowledged to have helped steer the development of what was still a young medium, though some might argue that television is even more violent and bloody than it was 55 years ago–Minow had never seen Game of Thrones, after all. While the mayhem would endure, educational and informative programming, like the network news, advanced in scope during Minow’s tenure. And, of course, the medium acquired a new moniker.

In 2011, Minow told AdvertisingAge that greater consumer choice was the most important improvement in television in the decades that had elapsed since his speech—that by getting “vaster,” television was necessarily less of a wasteland.

Read TIME’s full coverage of the speech, from 1961, here in the TIME Vault: “The People Own the Air”

Vast Wasteland
      What effect does media have on today’s society? This is a question frequently asked that has yet to be answered. In May of 1961, Newton Minow gave his famous address, “Vast Wasteland”, to the National Association of Broadcasters. In that speech Mr. minnow stated that today’s media “ is an awesome power” and “has limit less capabilities for good and for evil.” I agree with his theory. The two main stream media providers are the internet and television.
      Both forms are put to good use, especially for advertising and networking. Social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook have thrived because of the positive feedback from its users. Many businesses have set up Facebook accounts to help promote the product and boost the cliental. Television is the most recognized form of advertising. Studies show that when businesses have set survey their customers and ask about how they heard about them over 25 percent has said television ads. These types of facts show the good in these media forms.
      However those two very important types of media also have a dark side. To every one good thing about the internet there are at least five bad things out weighing it. Facebook has become a known site for drama as well as networking .Cyber bullying is now at a greater rate than it has ever been. Beda news about celebrities and pop stars spreads faster across the internet faster than good news about our country’s economy. Television also has a dark side. Ignorant television shows that promote stereotypical and degrading behavior have become a big hit in today’s society. Shows such as South Park and Family Guy are just the tip of a huge deleterious iceberg.
      The saying “man behind the madness” is an appropriate phrase to describe the responsibilities that the people in our society have dealing with the good and evil in mainstream media. Internet does not run itself and television does not either. There are people that control every aspect...

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