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Many historians from Wilson's have gone on to Oxford and Cambridge and other top ranking universities and we believe that the key to success is getting students involved as early as possible in their school career. Cambridge History for Schools is an exciting outreach initiative by one of the leading History Faculties in the world. They want to show how pupils can enjoy history and imagine the past through imaginative and exciting workshops. To book, email [email protected] or contact Mrs Ford with any questions. Click on the image, right,for more details.

The sessions on offer this year are as follows:

Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding Europe after the Second World War
In 1945, Europe lay in ruins. But within only a few years, Western Europe was wealthy, democratic and peaceful. Today, we can sometimes take this for granted. But at the time, very few people imagined that Europe would experience such an incredible recovery. In fact, most people believed that a new war was imminent. In this session, we will look not only at what actually happened in Europe after the Second World War, but also at the visions and fears of what might have happened, but never did. We will try to get into the heads of the people entrusted with rebuilding Europe, and ask ourselves how they dealt with the biggest problems of the time. Finally, you will get to debate what you would have done if you were in their situation.

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