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Links to miscellaneous JIRA tickets of interest

* ALMA issues that I am watching

PRTSIR and PRTSPR ( created by me) ( WVRQA2Diagnosticspipewg )

  PRTSIR-7 Investigate the low power detected in the correlator for some base bands in many antennas
PRTSPR-658PRTSIR-305 Spectral scan test dataset uid://A002/X6d34fd/X401 has multiple AtmCals without online results
PRTSPR-1030PRTSIR-486 PM04 Band 6 XX pol is consistently showing a poor sideband gain ratio
PRTSPR-1210PRTSIR-579 anomalously high amplitudes in cross-correlation in FDM channels 3796-3799 and 3836-3839 on certain baselines and polarization products
PRTSPR-1242PRTSIR-594 Offs in recent single-dish observations are not done at the expected positions
PRTSPR-1301PRTSIR-628 AOS: DV06: BBpr0 and BBpr2 (both polarizations) show noisy or no cross-correlation
PRTSPR-1318PRTSIR-631 CM05 and DV15 XX data in the fourth baseband are corrupted in many datasets
PRTSPR-1319PRTSIR-632ICT-1728Cannot retrieve an ASDM from the archive which was marked as SUCCESS in shift log tool
PRTSPR-1371PRTSIR-655 Shift log tool: searching by correlator type does not appear to work
PRTSPR-1376PRTSIR-656 ATMCal scans acquired on the ACA correlator produce receiver temperature spectra which exhibit non-physical spectral features at the frequencies of atmospheric ozone lines
PRTSPR-1457PRTSIR-697 DV01 high Tsys in 4th spw
PRTSPR-1491PRTSIR-710 phase jumps on calibrators, primarily 2nd spw of 4
PRTSPR-1498   apparent phase jumps on 1/4 of spws; likely delay jumps?
PRTSPR-1500   DV06 has large and wildly varying pointing calibration solutions in data from Oct 30, 2013
  PRTSIR-1144 DA50 FE08 band 3 beam: low peak flux and elongated in elevation direction, possible warm optics misalignament
PRTSPR-4257PRTSIR-2028 recent WVR data shows zero values which are not flagged
PRTSPR-4913PRTSIR-2351 ASDM is missing SysCal.xml and offline TelCal fails to regenerate one
PRTSPR-5261PRTSIR-2530 regular spikes found in bandpass on a number of antennas (see CAS-5292)
PRTSPR-6542PRTSIR-3146 Phase jumps seen on DiffGainCal target during B2B executions
PRTSPR-6744PRTSIR-3249 Large bandpass ripple in first baseband on some baselines all sources at Band 3
PRTSPR-6813PRTSIR-3281 Strange bandpass behavior Spw=3 PM04
PRTSPR-7034   Autocorrelation data not stored for the ambient and hot load subscans in one of 8 Atmcal scans, but all Tsys data appears fine
  PRTSIR-3410 AOS:DV05:FEND: Negative Receiver temperature, both polarizations, all BBp, band 6. (Potential ACD Issue ?)
PRTSPR-7901PRTSIR-3833 Anomalously-high amplitude WVR initial integration of a scan not flagged by online flags, even with tbuff applied
PRTSPR-8132PRTSIR-3948 Broad (300MHz wide) spectral resonance in Trx/Tsys on DV11 in Band 3 polarization 1 (Y) at IF=7.1-7.4 GHz which varies in strength and frequency versus time
  PRTSIR-4305 ACA ASDM has incorrect source ID entries in Field table
  PRTSIR-4517 AOS: BL: Metadata: planets have multiple fields name
  PRTSIR-4257 ALMA calibrator catalog contains two positions for quasar J0431+2037 that differ by 19 milliarcsec
  PRTSIR-5221 TFINT 2014.6: in very wet weather online WVR correction seriously degrades phase stability and causes decoherence loss for integrations straddling WVR event boundaries
  PRTSIR-6093 AOS: DA45 BB_4 pol Y 250MHz harmonics
  PRTSIR-6627 Very rapid oscillations in the Tsys of DA44
  PRTSIR-6682 2014.6 E2E test on the ACA: strange bdfflags behavior
  PRTSIR-6752 Peculiar periodic ripple in BB4 of DA45
  PRTSIR-6800 AOS: BL: Large percentage of data flagged due to BDF flags in recent ephemeris test observations
  PRTSIR-7001 AOS: BL: DA50 DA52 DA64 shutters closed after passing close to zenith
  PRTSIR-7012 AOS: BL: DV18 BBpr2 pol 0 high channel 0 autocorr (possible digitiser DC offset error)
PRTSPR-15555PRTSIR-7735 Calibrator J1709-3525 is resolved and shows extended structure which is resolved out on long baselines
PRTSPR-16927PRTSIR-8436 The clock on the oxygen sounder's data computer (vesta) is running fast by 2.6 minutes
PRTSPR-21167   Oxygen sounder not reporting level 2 data products since June 17, 2016
PRTSPR-25865PRTSIR-11709 QA2: More antennas with SPW-to-SPW phase instability identified
PRTSPR-25485   QA2: Mosaic Imaging of Solar System Object


BCMIN-117 Large amplitude ripple in the frequency domain

SCCB (formerly called PREQ)

SCCB-151 SSR: Merge to 9.1R5 change to bypass SB Ratio scan execution for less than 3 antennas
SCCB-320 Effective Resolution column of ASDM does not contain the effect of the windowing factor
SCCB-332 Improvements to the QA0 flags for Trx and Tsys flag conditions
SCCB-342 Data Capture should write ICRS as the direction reference in the ASDM
SCCB-430 SQLD and Interferometry data should use the same DelayOffset to avoid a proliferation of fields


ICT-141 Define TELCAL online behaviour when no wvr is available (PWV in 7m ACA datasets)
ICT-157 Full correlator data rate (60MB/s)
ICT-228 Allow noisy basebands/SpWs and polarisations to be flagged in results
ICT-237 QA0 Logic and Report
ICT-271 Data taken in dual ( total power and interferometry) mode does not record total power data
ICT-649 Incorporate QuickLook "Alarms" into the ASDM Flag table
ICT-650 Populate the ASDM Ephemeris table
ICT-754 missing data (gaps) in monitoring data
ICT-771 Schema: convert SYSCAL to binary storage
ICT-780 Improve pipelineMakeRequest by adding execute_only_these and omit_only_these flags
ICT-824 ACACORR: Change average to addition in spectral integration on ACA-CDP
ICT-833 Eliminate duplicate rows in the ASDM field table when observing planets
ICT-834 Ensure all the position of planets and other solar systems object use the same coordinate system
ICT-845 ACACORR: Correlator calibrations were carried out before baseband signal levels were properly set
ICT-897 Inconsistent sourceId, sourceName or spwID in Source and SpectralWindow tables
ICT-898 Improve Total Power processor to store calibrated total power levels in ASDM
ICT-995 Solar system ephemeris files should be read in with highest position precision
ICT-1068 ASDM CalDevice entries are the same for every scan so ACD temperature changes cannot be accounted for by TelCal
ICT-1121 All Ephemeris targets are called 'Ephemeris' and cannot be distinguished in an MS
ICT-1265 Pipeline should read QA0/Quicklook Alarms from ASDMs and write them into online flag files
ICT-1291 Provide a query type to calibrator database that returns best flux estimate
ICT-1402 The value for chanFreqArray is not correct in the ASDM for the SQLD spws
ICT-1532 Some single-dish observations show discrepant pointings that appear as "ons" and "offs" far from the nominal raster map positions (include ASDM with-pointing-correction option to the pointing table)
ICT-1541 Store the software version AND patches in the ASDM Annotation table
ICT-1551 Frequent 5.5-minute gaps in the TMC database, simultaneous on multiple antennas and monitor points
ICT-1614 move visibilities scaling to integers from CDP master to CDP nodes (32 bit 16 bit)
ICT-1669 Pointing offsets do not seem to initiate a new field source in the resulting asdm
ICT-1683 Quantization correction for 3 bit sampler in FDM
ICT-1736 The "WCA is not locked flag" should not be applied to the WVR spws
ICT-1770 Scans start 1 to 3seconds before antenna arrives on source
ICT-1821 TMCDB fails to return polarization orientation for several antennas
ICT-1977 TELCAL atmosphere reduction: support zero power subscans with different tunings, and make sure both autocorr and totalpower reductions work in this case with dual mode
ICT-2210 Modify Data Capture to fill the ASDM Source table to fill the fluxErr column
ICT-2288 Implement flagging for antenna shadowing
ICT-2454 Add an OBSERVE_CHECK_SOURCE enumeration to the ASDM scan intent
ICT-2499 Total Power Specification for Cycle 2
ICT-2542 Effective Bandwidth Column of SDM does not contain Windowing Factor
ICT-2543 Out-of-sequence data found in monitor text files
ICT-2768 Square law detector spws have no assocSpectralWindowID or assocNature in SpectralWindow.xml
ICT-2832 Cannot query the source catalogue server via the ALMA-OT
ICT-2836 ALMA SQLD data from the zero-level subscan of AtmCals do not appear in the MS
ICT-2844TelCal tc_atmosphere task should use zero level from a previous scan, if there is no zero level subscan
ICT-2847 TELCAL build should use two different casa distributions for on-line and off-line systems
ICT-2921 Review sub-scan intents in atmosphere calibrations (CALIBRATE_ATMOSPHERE#HOT)
ICT-3007TelCal atmosphere: why are assumed SBGain for bands 9 and 10 different (0.5 vs. 1.0)?
ICT-3013 CASA 4.2.1 asdm2MS: segfault in asdm::StateRow::getStateId for ASDM with state ID 'null_0'
ICT-3041 CONTROL: per-BB target power level support
ICT-3358 90 degree Walsh sequence phase switching parent ticket
ICT-3466 Enable a Check Source observing intent in the OT
ICT-3533 Create an LLC out of range alarm
ICT-3543 When a WVR is simulated, the returned temperatures should be unphysical values
ICT-3622 Implementation of "Add an OBSERVE_CHECK_SOURCE enumeration to the ASDM scan intent"
ICT-3803 All TelCal Task sometimes fail due to incompatible matplotlib fonts
ICT-3832 Missing calibrate WVR intents for science target scans
ICT-3835 Bad data occurs on all baselines for several seconds beginning 112 seconds after the start of the CALIBRATE_AMPLI scan in data from SBs from different LBC projects
ICT-3932 The OT does not use the coordinates specified in the measurement selected for the calibrator
ICT-4143 Implement proper handling of mosaics on ephemeris objects
ICT-4163 DSA: Use ALMA radiometers values to check for the current PWV
ICT-4257 Add in the Summary the central frequency of the 4 basebands
ICT-4942 Flags that are set for the duration of an observation do not appear in the ASDM Flag table
ICT-5149 Implement and deploy web service for pad+antenna positions from TMCDB
ICT-5291 CONTROL: add SpectralSpec entityPartId to SpectralWindow names (spw names)
ICT-5722 BDF flags for WVR-corrected data being applied to uncorrected data
ICT-5752 Support rearrangement of the existent weather stations : METEO1 to METEO5
ICT-5753 Add 6 new weather stations in production TMCDB
ICT-5754 Update production TMCDB to support rearrangement of the existent weather stations
ICT-5883 Rename weather stations for Cycle 3 / Long Baseline Campaign
ICT-5946 Add the ability to flag a scan for a given antenna in tc_antpos
ICT-5981 weather station data in an ASDM should be averaged over each scan
ICT-6132 Update the logical dependency of the ALMA observing system on selected AOS Weather Stations
ICT-6202 Add task tc_wvrskydip to TelCal
ICT-7340 Implement a software alarm for LLC unlock
ICT-7450 Increase the tolerance in the Field table to 200 uas (see ALSO PRTSIR-9748
ICT-7809 SSR: Let SSR query put flux values into Source.xml even for hard-coded phase calibrators
ICT-7997 ATM: Discontinuities in spectra at 250 and 252 GHz (CAS-9015)
ICT-10598 Update the criteria for adding/removing Tsys calibration

SCIREQ (assigned to me)

SCIREQ-93 Introduce the "lazy=True" setting in importasdm for the piperestore script
SCIREQ-118 Please take a spectral scan of Titan so that Pipeline can derive information needed
SCIREQ-172 avoiding calibrators J1626-2951, J1625-2547 for Galactic projects? (also J1717-3342, J1733-1304, and J0438+3004) due to spectral line features
SCIREQ-260 Provide recommendation for check sources (check_source)
SCIREQ-286 weak calibrator survey available
SCIREQ-287 TMCDB access for antenna position
SCIREQ-288 correct algorithm for TMCDB
SCIREQ-296 Angular separation for Tsys to share
SCIREQ-318 Please add a unique ID to the SpectralWindow table in the ASDMs
SCIREQ-412 Add project code and SB name to ASDMs
SCIREQ-580 Finalise QA2 procedures for handling full polarisation datasets
SCIREQ-585 Quantities to be read from the OT/SBs by Pipeline (including spw rest frequency)
SCIREQ-589 Could there be confirmation that Pipeline can use offline WVR reduction at Cycle 4?
SCIREQ-653 Compute the effective noise bandwidth of ACA correlator output channels with FPS to enable correct values in the ASDM
SCIREQ-720 Develop New Pipeline Flagging Task Based on Cycle 3 Manual Flag Files (including Vincent's summary of flagging tasks)
SCIREQ-779 Testing of 90 Degree Walsh switching with broad spws (for Cycle 5)
SCIREQ-1245 Recommendation for SSR to stop doing a single Tsys measurement on the phase calibrator
SCIREQ-1419 List of improvements for ATM resulting from the ALMA development study on atmospheric calibration


APO-445 Sourcecat: sco refreshes not working
APO-469 public dashboard
APO-604 install version available for everyone
APO-1966 CASA Data Repository needs to be updated
APO-2335 sciops: CASA 4.6 builds difficult to use after APO-2312 (gives location of casa in Santiago)
APO-2934 Source Calibrator Catalog: ARC replication not working correctly


IT-26415 cvs server is refusing connections -- analysisUtils cannot be updated

SCOPS (assigned to me)

SCOPS-1 Cycle 0 Phase II Science Project Creation (Parent ticket)
SCOPS-333 Cycle 1 Phase II Science Project Creation (Parent ticket)
SCOPS-4 Cycle 0 Science Project Preparation: 2011.0.00084.S (=2011.0.00965.S) (Andrews)
SCOPS-51 Cycle 0 Science Project Preparation: 2011.0.00958.S (Marrone), data reduction: SCOPS-109
SCOPS-81 Cycle 0 Science Project Data Reduction: 2011.0.00084.S (=2011.0.00965.S) (Andrews) Band 9
SCOPS-230 Cycle 0 Science Project Data Reduction: 2011.0.00175.S (Scoville) Band 9
SCOPS-83 Cycle 0 Science Project Data Reduction: 2011.0.00747.S (Ferkinhoff) Band 9
SCOPS-109 Cycle 0 Science Project Data Reduction 2011.0.00958.S (Marrone) Band 7
SCOPS-204 Availabilities of completed SBs and assignments at ARC/JAO
SCOPS-268 Cycle 0 Science Project Preparation: 2011.0.00429.S (Zhang)
SCOPS-276 Ticket for setting SBs to READY
SCOPS-318 Cycle 0 Science Project Data Reduction 2011.0.00429.S (Zhang)
SCOPS-421 Cycle 1 Science Project Preparation: 2012.1.00437.S, data reduction: SCOPS-596
SCOPS-467 Cycle 1 Science Project Preparation: 2012.1.00105.S, data reduction: SCOPS-1834
SCOPS-482 Cycle 1 Science Project Preparation: 2012.1.00870.S Helpdesk 3819
SCOPS-531 Cycle 1 Science Project Preparation: 2012.1.00178.S (Lis -- total power) Helpdesk 3976
SCOPS-602 Collect and discuss suggestions for the QA0 logic and report
SCOPS-613 Parent ticket for the AQUA tool
SCOPS-625 Cycle 1 Science Project Preparation: 2012.1.00171.S (Hunter)
SCOPS-679 Ticket to request re-generation of Syscal table
-------------- Cycle 2 assignment spreadsheetCycle 2 reduction status spreadsheet
SCOPS-834 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.00116.S (Looney -- polarization) Helpdesk 5260
SCOPS-837 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.00157.S (Looney -- survey) Helpdesk 5353, CRE: 5498
SCOPS-861 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.00437.S (band 7) data reduction assignment SCOPS-1538
SCOPS-864 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.00451.S (Crockett -- band 9) Helpdesk 5065
SCOPS-869 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.00487.S (Bowler -- band 7) Helpdesk 5155
SCOPS-872 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.00518.S (J. Tobin -- band 6) data reduction assignment SCOPS-1447Helpdesk 6411
SCOPS-890 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.00686.T (Milan -- band 6 -- Comet) data reduction assignment SCOPS-1623
SCOPS-916 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.00976.S (Williams -- polarization, Band 3)
SCOPS-919 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.01034.S (Crockett) Helpdesk 5522
SCOPS-973 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.00519.S (S. Andrews -- band 6) Helpdesk 6195
SCOPS-979 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.00600.S (Hunter - I)
SCOPS-1006 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.00995.S (Hunter)
SCOPS-1013 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.01147.S (S. Perez) Helpdesk 5596
SCOPS-1338 Parent ticket for pipeline issues to be investigated by PWG
SCOPS-1349 Cycle 2 Science Project Data Reduction 2013.1.00524.S (N. Lu)
SCOPS-1470 Cycle 2 Science Project Preparation: 2013.1.00812.S (CJC)
SCOPS-1776 Commission the QL flags (aka QA0 flags)
SCOPS-1806 Cycle 2 Science Project Data Reduction: 2013.1.00812.S (CJC)
SCOPS-1830 Cycle 2 Science Project Data Reduction: 2013.1.00152.S (J. Fischer)
SCOPS-1948 Cycle 2 Science Project Data Reduction: 2013.1.00600.S (Hunter)
----------------------- Cycle 3 Google spreadsheetContact scientist dutiesvisualization of ticket opening
SCOPS-2008 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.01163.S (Hunter) Helpdesk 7212
SCOPS-2079 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.00169.S (Evans) Helpdesk 7820 Grade B, Band 7 C36-4,5
SCOPS-2219 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.00509.S (Prochaska) Helpdesk 8197 closed as duplicate
SCOPS-2128 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.00793.S (resubmission of 2013.1.01034.S, DR = SCOPS-1602) Helpdesk 7498 Grade B, Band 4, C36-6
SCOPS-2138 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.00848.S (Crockett --> Blake) Helpdesk 7328 (opened by Carol), Grade B, C36-1
SCOPS-2237 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.00853.S (Bezanson) Helpdesk 7768 Fully observed and delivered
SCOPS-2149 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.00959.S (Shirley) Helpdesk 7329 12m observed, 7m observed (being calibrated) SCOPS-2957NADR-803
SCOPS-2157 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.01034.S (Prochaska) Helpdesk 7496 Grade A, 1 SB remaining
SCOPS-2262 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.01068.S (Zhang) Helpdesk 7624 Grade B, 12m extended remaining C36-3/4
SCOPS-2269 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.01158.S (Y. Zhang) Helpdesk 7940 Grade C, fully observed
SCOPS-2165 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.01199.S (Anderson) Helpdesk 7625 Fully observed and delivered
SCOPS-2173 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.01409.S (Koch) Helpdesk 8159 resubmission of cycle 2 project 2013.1.00994.S on SCOPS-1260 and SCOPS-1922
SCOPS-2276 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.01454.S (Y. Zhang) Helpdesk 8172 TC=C36-3, TE=C36-6; TC fully observed
SCOPS-2180 Cycle 3 Science Project Preparation: 2015.1.01580.S (Marrone) Helpdesk 7488 Grade B, Band9=C36-2/3, Band7=C36-4/5
----------------------- --------------------------
SCOPS-2290 SC: Ingest sources and update measurements with VLBI coordinates needed for Cycle 3 LB
SCOPS-2351 Develop script to assess Check Source and overall decorrelation (
----------------------- Cycle 4 Google spreadsheet
SCOPS-3831 Cycle 4 Science Project Preparation: 2016.1.00165.S (Bally) Helpdesk 9341
SCOPS-3842 Cycle 4 Science Project Preparation: 2016.1.00204.S (Czekala) Helpdesk 9352
SCOPS-3869 Cycle 4 Science Project Preparation: 2016.1.00383.S (Hunter) Helpdesk 9379 data reduction: SCOPS-4247
SCOPS-3929 Cycle 4 Science Project Preparation: 2016.1.00766.S (Walker) Helpdesk 9439 data reduction: SCOPS-4158
SCOPS-3945 Cycle 4 Science Project Preparation: 2016.1.00826.S (van der Plas) Helpdesk 9465
SCOPS-3992 Cycle 4 Science Project Preparation: 2016.1.00992.S (Garay) Helpdesk 9512
SCOPS-4002 Cycle 4 Science Project Preparation: 2016.1.01042.S (Chandler) Helpdesk 9522
SCOPS-4015 Cycle 4 Science Project Preparation: 2016.1.01131.S (Phan-Bao) Helpdesk 9535
SCOPS-4042 Cycle 4 Science Project Preparation: 2016.1.01537.S (Guzman) Helpdesk 9563
SCOPS-4058 PL fails to create calibrator images in MOUS uid://A001/X2f6/X456 (because no SQLD total power spws stored)


SACM-60 improvement of WVR correction in presence of clouds

OT and Computing

COMP-5523 OT uses wrong primary beam size
COMP-5575 Overlaying lines in the spectral visual editor from an online search is not working
COMP-5639 OT Enhancement Requests for Cycle 1
COMP-5654 Improve mosaic pointing algorithm
COMP-5741 OT improvements that came out of the TA workshop

ИСТЕКШЕЕ ВРЕМЯ: 15:17:21 - Пятнадцать часов семнадцать минут? - Он не верил своим глазам.  - Это невозможно. Он перезагрузил монитор, надеясь, что все дело в каком-то мелком сбое. Но, ожив, монитор вновь показал то же.

Чатрукьяну вдруг стало холодно.


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