Bass Sultan Hengzt Homework Download

  • 1 Song, 2 Minutes

    ℗ 2017 No Limits

About Bass Sultan Hengzt

Born Fabio Ferzan Cataldi in 1983, Bass Sultan Hengzt managed to merge a multi-ethnic upbringing and experience (born in Germany of Turkish descent; German-Italian rap) together to have a successful career as a Berlin-based rap artist. Getting his career going at Berlin label Bassboxxx, Hengzt released his first album in 2003. His second and third followed in 2005 and 2006, respectively, and in 2007 he released the Top 30 Der Schmetterlingseffekt (The Butterfly Effect). He worked on a large number of other projects, including collaborations with other rappers, mixtapes, singles, and magazine-only tracks. The album Zahltag followed in 2009, maintaining his string of high-charting German releases. Except for the 2010 EP Homework, he was silent for the early 2010s; finally, a slight name change to B.S.H. (Bass Sultan Hengzt) preceded the release of 2014's Endlich Erwachsen. ~ Chris True

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