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Social media coordinator


To whom it may concern,

I am applying to the Student Social Media Coordinator position because I have been working with Web 2.0 tools since 2009 and I have been able to understand the great possibilities that social media offers to organizations. Through social media, institutions are able to build a brand, as well as an organizational culture promoting principles and values.

In the past I have coordinated social media teams in the professional arena, as well as teams of undergraduate students. Moreover, I have experience promoting intercultural values because I managed the social media at XXXXXX, where I designed and executed the social media strategy, going from zero to 130,000 followers and getting a great engagement. More than once stories that I had shared through the organization’s Facebook or twitter were picked by written and TV press. One of them was a video of a XXX greeting the community.

I am a blogger and I have also been working as a digital marketing professor at different universities and education institutes, teaching social media and marketing strategies to different audiences, from undergraduate students, to graduate ones. Because of this experience I am always following the latest’s trends on social media and technology.

I understand the importance to work with teams and guide communication processes. During my career I’ve developed different skills to lead groups and coordinate at different levels.

Enclosed is a copy of my resume, which more fully details my qualifications for the position.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Have you ever sat down to write your cover letter and had immediate writer’s block? You’re not alone. Writing a cover letter is a challenge, and most people will start the process by Googling “How to write a great cover letter.” As a social media coordinator, you know the importance of getting people talking, and that’s the exact purpose of a cover letter. With an increasingly competitive job market, you have around 300 words to sell your skills, highlight your professional experience, and leave a lasting impression. Fortunately, there are a variety of templates, tips, and best practices available to help you build a cover letter that elevates your job application above the rest. Below you will find a social media coordinator cover letter sample, along with tips on how to organize, write, and create a successful cover letter of your own. We’ve created the social media coordinator cover letter based on real-life examples, so when you sit down to apply, you’ll know exactly where to start.

Dear Hiring Manager’s Name,

I’d love to start this cover letter referring to myself as a social media guru or expert, but a true social media professional knows that you can never master the land of social. It changes daily, and the best way to keep people talking about your business and your products is to stay adaptive.

With more than ten years’ marketing experience, five of which have been spent developing strategies to increase the engagement and fan base of different businesses’ online presence, I know I can make your company more social.

You need an employee that can be the voice of your social media networks; actively engaging followers in a dialogue that transforms visitors into advocates for your brand. Fortunately, building relationships is what I do, so I can collaborate with the marketing and promotions teams to create content that sustains readers’ curiosity and creates buzz around new products.

Being a successful social media coordinator is not all about being social. I take pride in my ability to monitor and analyze online efforts to continually suggest new ways to attract prospective followers. Having been in marketing since before social media existed, I understand that social media is only one tool in the marketing toolbox. My ability to understand the bigger marketing picture allows me to work social media into those strategies and create new online marketing campaigns that will maximize your company’s marketing efforts.

I have the drive to learn and grow professionally, and I thrive on building relationships on and offline. I’m a self-starter that knows how to work in a team and would love the opportunity to oversee your social media efforts.

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting with you to learn more about this position.


Your Name


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