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Monday, February 19, 2018

Art Sub Lessons for March and St. Patrick's Day

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Mardi Gras Mask Lesson for Centers, Subs, and Early Finishers

It is hard to imagine that it is this time of year already!!! If you would like a Mardi Gras mask lesson, Center and Early Finishers’ TPT shop has one.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Art Sub Lessons for the New Year

Seeking art lessons for after winter break? Here ya go. Here are some elementary art lessons that would make great sub lessons for the new year. Some have directions and visuals included and some you will need to tweak a little.

"Winter landscapes by 1st grade - one day project" by Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists. One day lessons can make great sub lessons.  This one makes such a gorgeous work of art. Paint isn't a great medium for subs, but can be substituted with crayons or markers.  If you will let your sub use markers, make sure you  leave lots of instruction about how the students should use them.
"Snowman Directed Drawing Art Activity," by Proud to Be Primary. This blog post includes both written directions and plenty of visuals.  Crayons or markers can easily replace the paint used in the blog post.
"A Cup of Fantasy," at Arteascuola.  These painted cups are so colorful.  I am sure they can be recreated in crayon or marker.  You could make step-by-step visuals pretty easily for this one.
"How to Draw Penguins," by Cassie Stephens.  In this blog post, Cassie gives visuals, including a step-by-step one for how to draw the simple penguin shapes.  Students add whatever details they think up, so these can all be individualized.

Here is another complete lesson about Chinese New Year.


Feel free to use and download these ideas for your sub. It might be helpful to have a sub folder in your room and ALWAYS keep a note on your desk where the sub can find your plans. Here are some helpful tips.

​There is also this great book with a ton of plans ready to be copied: HERE at 30% off. Look for this book cover -->

If YOU have a sub plan to add to our list, we'll post it here and link credit back to your blog.
​Please state the grade level and simple description.

Art Sub Tutorials:
These are overly simplified video tutorials for the non-art teacher and may be used as media introductions for classes. There are times a substitute teacher will have no knowledge of art media, so I have created this list as a helpful resource. I will be adding to it in the future. Click the red title to be taken to the YouTube video.

Color Pencils Tutorial (Start at the 4 minute mark)
​Pencils (non-colored) Tutorial
Scissors Tutorial 
Glue Tutorial 
Crayons Tutorial 
Oil Pastels Tutorial 
Markers Tutorial 
Water Colors Tutorial
Acrylic Painting ​Tutorial 
If you are taking your students on a trip to an art museum, check out my blog post HERE.

[High School] Videos and a Written Response: 

Watch these videos and write a paragraph in response. Is modern art really "art?" OR Have a poster available of a famous work of abstract expressionist work and students write a written argument on whether it is art or not using information provided in the video. (You could also pick one from above the line and one below.)

Video 1: When did this become art?
Video 2: What is Art?
Video 3: Why is modern art so bad?
--------------------- (Con Above, Pro Below)-----------------------------------
Video 4: I could do that. PBS Digital (PG Content, Please Preview!)
Video 4B: Another response. (Okay for every age)
​Video 5: Minimalism (vs Abstract Expressionism) includes one "bleep" but they don't say the word.

Compose a paragraph or page on lined paper.
Art Based Essay:THIS article in the Chicago Tribune poses an argument that can be taken quite easily from both sides. https://goo.gl/sNUaWO

If an artist creates a work of art with one intent, and later it is paired with another artwork that subverts the original intent. Is that right? Is that fair?

After reading the article, students can write an essay with an opening paragraph summarizing the issue, The second paragraph taking a side. Follow up with arguments (3?) for your position. End with a summary of your argument. 

Art Based Essay: Is De-Skilling Killing Your Art Education by F. Scott Hess

Print this article and have students write about their reactions to this article and argue in agreement or opposition to the points made and including 3 supportive statements, or 3 points of disagreement from within the article.
[Grades 4+] Video Notes worksheet: Write 20 facts about a video and summarize. 

99% of the time I do not let students work on projects when I have to be out of school. Stolen, lost, or ruined supplies are the main reason. This worksheet is what I have used for YEARS with my students. It is always graded but mainly for participation, not content, though you're welcome to be as strict as you like. I have built a nice collection of DVDs and VHS videos over the years and they are valuable resources. There are many web resources as well.

The 20 facts can be found in about 20 - 30 minutes, and the summery takes about 5 minutes. Some need more time, and modeling note-taking is a good skill. I do mock note-taking early in the year with a YouTube video. I allow students to write anything they see or hear, but to keep it on topic and statements/sentences. Always good skills to have. "The artist seems to use a lot of blue" or "The painter says they like to listen to music while working" are both acceptable because it proves they were paying attention. Unacceptable facts would include short 2 word statements or silliness like: "The artist is a boy" or "He paints."
Video Notes Worksheet
File Size: 352 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

[Grades 4+] Short Video Notes: YouTube/Vimo
Shorter version of the above video notes. Great for half days and shortened schedules!

TONS of links HERE on my video links page.
[Grades 6+] Writing analysis based on THIS article from the UK about banning cadmium paint.
[Grades 6+] Writing analysis based on THIS article from Peter Lik and his $6.5 M. dollar photograph.
Peter Lik $6.5 M. Article
File Size: 600 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

[Grades K-up] Wacky Holiday Cards!

Illustration is a great way to tie English and drawing skills. Here kids have fun imagining fake holidays and designing nutty cards with greetings inside. Use whatever materials you have available. I use free copy paper I grab from our copy room. For younger students it may be helpful to post a list of potential fake holidays and allow them to make up their own as well, but a list helps those who are stuck, get on task quickly.
  • Happy Stick Day!
  • National Kitten Whisker Day
  • International Rust Recognition Day
  • Happy Poison Oak Day
  • Gumwad Day
  • National Nose-picking Day.

Below is a 2 page document with a bunch of real but odd holidays. It can be coied back-to-back and used
as a one day sub plan. 

[Grades k - 6] Draw 'n' Pass: Assuming you have 25 kids. Each kid gets 1 colored marker, crayon, or colored pencil and a paper, write their name on their own paper. Sub has a list of 25 things kids have to draw. (Draw a shape, draw a rocket, draw a moon, draw a baby, draw lightning,...) Kids draw the thing, and pass their drawing, and keep passing till their drawing is back to them. 
Pass 'n' Draw Handout
File Size: 247 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

[Grades 2 and up] Paper Engineering: Set up limited supplies for group or individualized work. I like to have students compete in small groups with a timed exercise. Assuming a 45 to 50 minute period, they have 10 to chat and discuss a plan, 30 to build, and another 10 or so for judging and clean-up. Supplies can be what you have on hand but for me I use 2 yards of tape per group, 4 sheets of 18 x 24 inch paper, and 1 scissor to share. We have also used 20 sheets of copy paper instead of large paper. This is all the supplies they get. 

1. Make a paper structure more than 10 inches tall that will hold the most books. (Below Left 2)
2. With the given supplies make the tallest free-standing tower. (I allow them to tape to floor only)
3. Create the longest structural arm from a wall or pillar that freely reaches out (Below right 2)
4. Create a structure that can hold your weight and is at least 6 inches tall.
5. Create a bridge between 2 tables that are 18 inches apart that can hold a heavy textbook. (Or the most)

Recycle all materials and have some nominal award for your winning team.
[Grades 2+] Cube: Copy this hand out on regular sized paper or enlarge. Better is to copy it onto index paper so it is more durable. Have students draw 6 images based on a theme. Then cut, fold and assemble into a small project.

  • 6 members of my family
  • 6 things I love to do
  • 6 things I love to eat
  • 6 things I would buy if I won a million dollars
  • 6 monsters hiding under my bed
  • Write 6 ideas of things to draw, roll the dice, and draw that.
Cube Template JPEG image
File Size: 786 kb
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Download File

POPCORN DAY: All grades

Pop a 1 bag of Microwave Popcorn per class period. Each kid gets ONE piece to draw/paint/sketch/alter/cartoon/etc in as creative way as they can with whatever media you feel comfortable giving out. Kids should be told DO NOT EAT IT.

(Reserve the rest of the bag for the winner)

Group kids in bunches of 4 or so. Set timer to allow for enough time for judging at the end (7 to 10 minutes).

Each group picks a winner to represent their group. These are presented to the teacher who lays them out on a clear space. Kids all come up and place THEIR popcorn kernel on the edge of the image they think should be the ultimate winner. I give each member of the winning group 1 point of extra credit for making a good environment for the winner to succeed. The ultimate winner gets the rest of the bag to share or keep as they see fit.

The Future of Logos: See how the logos below have changed from what the company first designed to now. Find a logo of a product you love and design their future logo. 
Draw Cartoons Along With BLITZ: HERE on Youtube (50 min.)
BOOK: Sub Plans For Art Teachers

These are tried and true sub-plans for middle through high school, with some simple units for special needs students and lower grades, coming from an award winning art teacher with more than a quarter century of classroom experience. All are designed for minimal impact on supplies; from just a pencil, to simple supplies like colored pencils, crayons, or whatever you have available. No word-find "busy work," each lesson has depth and can be paired with whatever unit students have or will explore. Some plans include extensions that can be paired with technology available in your classroom or student's pockets, but most can be done without should that not be a possibility.

Many of these mini-explorations would make great one-day lessons for those odd half-days, or when one class finishes too early, or you just want to do something different for the day. If you are looking to add more reading and writing into your curriculum, these will be beneficial as well.

This book includes: Poetry Illustrations, Art Quote Illustrations, Altered Image Exercises, Drawing Prompts, Color Exercises, Directed Drawings, Artist Trading Cards, Compare & Contrast Exercises, 1 Day Project Hand-outs, Simple Assessments With Rubrics, Video Notes Worksheets (Short and long), Worksheets To Analyze Masterworks, Cut & Construct Paper Projects, Masterpiece Remixes, & A Research Paper for an Extended Absence.

​Your purchase comes with copyrights, so you can make copies for your substitute teacher or for all your students. Get it HERE and 30% when you order direct.


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