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         Painting is not just for the professional.  Painting can be a pastime or a hobby too; and pursued for the satisfaction of simply trying something one has always wondered whether or not they could do.   There is nothing wrong with being an amateur at painting.  It is a beginning. Many professionals were once amateurs.  

Besides, the word amateur comes from the Latin word, "amator" which means . . . "One who loves."   That certainly gives you a better feeling about the word amateur.   The amateur painter is not even thinking of selling his or her paintings.   Painting is done solely for the enjoyment they love along with them being a bit sentimental about their work.  Although that does not mean there won't come a time when selling their art does become desirable.  Eventually they may want the satisfaction of knowing that someone likes their art so much, that that person is willing to pay to have their work.

        In nursing homes or assisted living homes, people could consider joining art classes.  If they do, they will find it pleasurable and also a challenge that keeps their mind in tune.  They will find themselves becoming aborbed in this past-time hobby. Plus, there will be a comradship among other's who are taking the classes. You will not feel so alone.  Taking those classes can offer a person great mental stimulation, psychological therapy, peace of mind, a feeling of purpose, and pleasure.  There are many benefits to the hobby of painting.

        Painting attracts so many people today of all ages.  I think most people like the idea of painting something of beauty and feeling good about being able to say they painted it.  Painting as a hobby can be relaxing in a stress filled life.  It can be an escape into another world, a world of calm. Anyone can pick painting up as a hobby and enjoy it.  One will not find themself dealing with boredom when taking up painting.   Plus, they can do a painting and even give it as a gift. 

        There are so many available painting classes offered today.  Join a class and then all you need do once you get those supplies is

listen to the teacher, put your canvas on the easel, pick up the palette, squeeze the paint colors out of the tubes, dip the brush into it and start laying it onto the canvas.  That is when you just may find yourself feeling like Rembrandt or Monet!! 

Artfully yours,


Subject: Ten sentences Essay/Speech on ‘My hobby’
Mode: Easy
Grade- 2
Target Age Group: 5-8 Years
Total sentences: 11
written by: Shraddha, class 2, Adayar, Chennai

My hobby is drawing. I  mostly draw pictures of people, animals and birds. I use crayons, pencils, colour pencils etc to draw pictures. During birthdays of my parents, sister and friends, I gift my best drawings to them. I spend my free time drawing pictures. I got first prize in my school for the drawing competition. I love drawing girls with different hair styles. The hair styles i know are plaits, two sides, ponytail etc. I like to draw the sunset the most. I love drawing. I   like to become an artist when I grow up.


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