Individuality Vs Conformity Schools Essay

The planet earth is a diverse place, filled with a variety of people each different from the next. Then why is it that there is so much emphasis put on conformity in the school system, where students follow a monotonous day; students are not looked as individuals, they are instead looked as if they were all the same. Schools should focus more on student’s individuality; to find self-fulfillment, but not to the point where order is lost. The structure of the school day can be modified to where students get to select their schedule time while having assistance’s from a mentor, also students should select their own curriculum, but having a core curriculum as well; in addition, the dress code could be adjust to where students have the freedom of choosing how to dress; yet, they dress appropriate for a place of learning.

      The unattractive side to school, is the time in which student gets to attend class. Everybody has different responsibilities they need to fulfill; thus, they should be allowed to have different times to attend class and vary the amount of time they spend in a class. There are eight periods in a high school schedule (Source B).  High school administration expects student’s to all learn properly following that schedule. Some students may need a longer period to learn the material while others may not; schools never look into this. Not every student’s mind is wired the same way; some students may need to stay extra time in a period to fully learn the material while the next may just breeze through it. There is a misconception that school scheduling is synonymous with “success.” (Source A), it is incorrect to follow a schedule so precise that at the end of the day the student does not benefit; after all ,school is for the student’s benefit. Students at the same time should not be given full freedom where they procrastinate or take too much in at once; there should be a limit to a student’s input to their schedule. Students still needs an experience instructor to point them in the correct direction. There should be equal input from both parties to accomplish the same goal, which is to help the students reach their full potential.

      As stated previously; students have the right to take their future into their own hands. The importance of time management has already been discussed; however what that time is being spent on is something totally different. It seems that the school system is compared to a “prison”. (Source E) where the teacher or “guard” decide what classes a student gets to attend, but unlike a guard, teachers should take into consideration what classes a student wants to take. Students decided to take a class; for example students take a music class because they plan on learning from that class to later have a career out of it (Source F), but as seen in this image there are a selected few in that class. This meaning that this program is not seen as important as classes that every student is force to take. “But the idea of a school is that individuals must learn in a setting in which individual needs are subordinated to group interests”. (Source D) the school system should stop trying to find a “successful” future for students and let students find out what success means to them; it doesn’t only mean to be well educated but it also means to have a skill in which students get to be pleased with their lives. If students do not get to be treated as individuals then the end result would be a society that has to repair the damage that these angry and resentful students do. (Source E), there should also be a balance were students have to have a core curriculum, to be their safety net in the occasion that their personal goals are not satisfied. Not all the time does a student’s dreams  become realize, in that occasion they have basic knowledge  gain  from their core classes to fall back on, knowledge that can be useful anywhere.

    Even if students try to stand out, the school system like a hammer pushes them back down, and makes them fit in like the rest of the student. The way that schools do this is through mandatory uniform. There should be a change in the dress code; students should be allowed to express themselves in the way they look; by abolishing the dress code as a uniform, which is obligated on students to follow. The dress code is a way to control students; making school a place “… where everyone is playing a kind of role….”.(Source E), what students want is the opportunity to show everyone what type of person they are, their interest, goals, and hopes. This allows students to feel comfortable with what they wear and be comfortable with the type of person they are, and built some self-esteem. Allowing students to feel free helps students perform better in school which leads to a better future. It is imperative for students to feel free to wear what they want but a line needs to be drawn; school is a place of learning and should be treated as such. It would be illogical to go to school dressed in pajamas. Well if there is a restriction students will know when to stop, and not take it that far.

      There are major flaws within the school system that should be address, and are not. The students own needs, and goals are overlooked by the school and are retold what the most “important” goals are. How does the school system actually know more about the students then the actual students?  Students may need guidance and support, but they never need someone else to think for them.

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Individuality vs. Conformity in High School Essay

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It was the first day of school. I was eager to see most of my friends who I went to middle school with. There was one big thing that struck me; I noticed my friends changed. They started dressed differently, acted differently, changed their hair style, and even started wearing makeup. Since the transition fresh out of middle school and into high school, my friends wanted to look older. The biggest factor that bothered me was how they would conform to look like the sophomores, juniors, and seniors. I felt that my good friends wanted to conform and be something they weren’t. In my personal view, Americans in general want to feel mature sophisticated but also want to have fun. Individuality is essential because it allows people to express who…show more content…

In my mind, if I became a doctor I would have to go through many years of schooling and I wouldn’t finish my education till I’m at least in my mid thirties. Choosing my career path as a doctor meant committing my whole focus on getting into the best medical school. Even though doctors make a lot of money, doctors don’t get to spend one on one their patients. I told my parents that I wanted to become a nurse because it’s what I want to do. I wouldn’t have to worry about attending medical school after I get my education at a four year university. Nurses spend less time in school and the experience on the job is more rewarding. They are able to enjoy the company of the people they are helping; I want to help people. In other words, not being able to pick a career by choice also relates to society views about fashion statement. Society tends to make fashion look very fancy. A lot of high fashion magazines show models that dress the same and even look the same. Keeping up the latest trends makes people want more clothing to make them outshine others making them look “legit”. People shouldn’t have to be competing to look the best but should be reinstating that they are different. My friend Michelle was always in style. She was friends with a group of girls that judged every girl in the school by the way they dressed. Michelle told me that one day she wore something she had already worn that week and her friends made her feel like she shouldn’t belong with them.

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