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Child Marriage Essay


Child marriage is one of the biggest human rights violations in the world. In most of the countries the minimum legal age for the child marriage is 18 years. However some countries allow marriages at 16 years as well, especially for the girl children. Getting married before reaching at this minimum legal age is not only illegal but also against the human rights. In Asian countries, especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have witnessed most numbers of child marriages in a year. Central African countries can also be considered as the major contributor of child marriage in the world.

The rate of occurrence of child marriages in Asian countries is 20% more than that of the rest of the world. In Asian countries the average age of the children who are forced to get married is 10-12 and sometimes less than that. Though a bunch of laws against child marriage are there in the nation, still most of the cases are left unnoticed by the authority. Mostly girls become the major victims of child marriage as people don’t wish to educate them or give them a better future. Boys become victims too but not as much as girls do in India and other Asian countries.

Reasons behind child marriage

  • Poverty: Most of the child marriage happens in rural or backward areas of the country. The main reason for this is poverty for sure. Parents who have girl child but don’t earn much to give them a better life often choose early marriage of their children. In case of poverty girls suffer the most as they are forced to get married at the age of 10 or less. For the boys the marriage does not take place but poverty triggers child labour.
  • Gender inequality: Another main reason behind such activity is gender inequality. Even today in this modern era there are lots of places where people consider boy child as good luck whereas girl child is not. They don’t get proper education and proper amenities to lead a good life, rather they are being forced to child marriage.
  • Tradition and Culture: Some of the communities follow old traditional based on some old religious beliefs. They neither change them nor do they want to change the cruel traditional and cultural beliefs. Due to these beliefs child marriages take place in several communities.
  • Education: Lack of education can be considered as another big reason behind child marriage. People who are uneducated and don’t have any idea about the post-marriage complication a toddler can face often opt for child marriage for whatever reason. Lack of education also triggers these mentioned beliefs to be true for many people.
  • Insecurity: the growing rate of women harassment and rape cases people get insecure about their daughter’s future. Before she walks into her adulthood, parents get them married with an elderly person believing that their daughter will be in safe hands for the rest of the life.

Countries and Child Marriage:

Sl. No.Country NamePercentage of girls married before 18 years
4Central African Republic68
7South Sudan52

Impact on society

Every year nearly 15 million children, who are aged between 10 to 12, get married worldwide. This means every 2 seconds a child gets married. The impact on the society and next generation is definitely not as good as some of the people think. The growing rate of child marriage leads to so many problems and issues in our society.

  • Early age pregnancy: Girls, who have just walked into adolescence age and don’t know anything about sexual life, are forced to get into physical relationship after marriage. They suffer from early age pregnancy which brings several medical and health problems. Most of the time, this becomes life threatening for the victim.
  • Domestic violence: those who get married at early age have to face violence after marriage. Being an innocent kid, she has to deal with complicated life after marriage which are way to difficult for a toddler to handle. Often this triggers the in-laws and husband to torture the girl even when she isn’t responsible for anything.
  • Illiteracy: this definitely stops the family to educate their girls further. At the age of 10 or 12 they stop studying. Some of the communities believe that girls are made for the kitchen not for the school. This beliefs increase the illiteracy rates in the country.

Solution to the problem

There are a bunch of laws against the child marriage in every country in the world. But unfortunately the rate of child marriage is growing rapidly across the globe because many of the cases are left unnoticed by the authorities. In remote rural areas of Southern Asian countries, there is no one to look after whether this kind of activities are talking place or not.

  • Awareness: it is important to spread awareness about the issue in grass root level of rural and remote rural areas to get rid of this child marriage.
  • Education: educate more people about the facts and issues regarding post-marriage problems and complications. Let the girls go to school for basic education to understand things and take their own decision in life.
  • Strict Law: Laws are there but they must be stricter and more powerful so that no one can escape from the law. The criminals must be punished in a proper way to prevent child marriage from the society.
  • Proper Attention: authorities are requested to pay more attention to this fact. They should supervise this activity more properly and punish the criminals then and there to prevent the crowing rate of child marriages worldwide.


Child marriage is a serious issue in the society. Not only in under developed countries but developing countries also have cases of child marriages. The authorities should be more cautious about the laws and prevent this activity as soon as possible.


Speech On Child Marriage

We are in the 21st century when the entire world is developing with each passing second. But unfortunately every light has a darker side. Our society has a dark side too. Child marriage is one such effect of the darker side of the society.

We learn, we go to schools, we opt for higher studies, but there are still some kids exist who don’t even know what school means, what learning is. They grow up learning that they are girls and girls are made for kitchen. They started believing that they are created to get married. It is sad but true.

In every developing country the minimum age for getting married of a girl is 18 years. But unfortunately 60% of the marriages take place in these countries before the brides reach even 16 years. Having a lot of strict laws the rate gets increased day by day. The Reason behind this child marriage is either poverty or mostly gender inequality. In Asian countries still people believe that having a girl child is a curse. They should not be sent to school or they are not allowed to have a better life, rather they must be get married soon.

Due to early age marriages girls suffer from unexpected and early age pregnancy which is dangerous for a young girl. Carrying a baby at the age of 15-16 is definitely not a medically good thing. They face a lot of problems during their pregnancy and also some of them end up having complicated diseases and some just die during delivery the baby.

To prevent such crimes there must be laws and more awareness in the society. Government should take many more steps to encourage the girl education in grass root level, especially in rural and remote areas.


Quotes Slogan On Child Marriage Essay

Educate your girl child like you do for your son. They are not brides. This will help the society to grow more and bring down the rate of child marriage.

Don’t allow your babies to carry their babies. Let them bloom completely before throwing them to the harsh life.

Children are meant to play, enjoy the life not for dealing with dark side of the life.

Make your daughter so powerful and educated that she can take her own decision in life. They have equal right to take the decision of the life they are heading towards.

Most of the people don’t know that every single day on an average 25000 child marriages occur and nearly 10, 000 young girls die every day while delivering babies. This is disturbing; we should prevent this as soon as possible.

Progress is possible if we take the initiatives. For this awareness and education is must. We need to educate ourselves first to make the change and prevent the child marriages.

Girls can make better future if they are properly guided. Don’t spoil a bright future just because you are over powered by old traditional beliefs.


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