Anne Patel Dissertation Proposal

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Purpose: To present an emerging innovative care model that supports participation and thriving by older adults in residential care, by introduction to new technology and mobilizing volunteer services. Design: Qualitative, exploratory study, introducing tablet computers to 15 older adults in two municipalities. Methods: The intervention encompassed weekly workshops over the course of 1 year with volunteer adolescents as personal tutors. Observations of workshops, interviews with nurses, and repeated semistructured interviews with older adult participants eliciting their perspective on use, experiences, perceived usefulness, and overall evaluation of the intervention. Findings: A model of four components is suggested to support participation and thriving by older adults in residential care: (a) simplified tools: iPad-technology relatively easy to use; (b) person-centered process: one-to-one tutoring following each individual's own pace; (c) young volunteers to teach technology, establishing an intergenerational arena; and (d) being mindful of driving forces that encourage use and learning. We found that all kinds of use and all levels of mastery generated a sense of pride that supported thriving and enjoyment. Conclusions: These findings support the use of new technology and use of volunteer services for sustaining thriving in older adults. The person-centered approach stimulates use of the tablet, and participants showed enjoyment, more social participation, and reported subjective experiences of thriving. Clinical relevance: Innovative models of care that prevent (or postpone) functional decline and support thriving in older adults are highly sought after in health care. A model that systematically involves volunteer services comes with potentials to alleviate nurses' workload, and then the intervention is seen as a manageable and low-cost initiative in residential care.

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