Honors Level History Homework 7th Grade

I’ll begin by clarifying my intentions for this blog post.  My hope is that what I have written will help educators reflect on how Honors courses are set up and which children have the opportunities to take them.  I am definitely not attempting to imply that I have this all figured out or that I know the best path forward.  I am trying to be transparent and get everyone talking so that we can collectively work towards improvements.


Consider this thought experiment from a colleague of mine, Michael Butler:

What if we eliminated separate Honors and regular math classes?  For example, instead of there being an Honors Geometry course and a regular Geometry course, we mixed all students together so there was just one type of Geometry course that every Geometry student took.

There’s a catch though: any of these Geometry students may earn Honors credit for the course, as long as the student does X, Y, and Z.  What would X, Y, and Z need to be for this to be fair?

We’ll come back to that question later on.


Here’s a different and perhaps scarier question to answer: what are the differences between Honors and regular math classes in your district?  Can you answer that question?  If you can’t, you’re not alone.  If you can, are you absolutely certain that what you said holds true in all classrooms in your district?


I’ve asked many teachers about what makes an Honors class different from a regular class and here are some of the answers I’ve heard.  Honors classes…

  • … cover the material at a faster pace so they can include content standards from the beginning of the next course.
  • … are given less time to complete a test.
  • … use a different book than regular classes.
  • … cover some of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) plus standards (defined in the last paragraph of pg 147)
  • … require students to do more homework/classwork/projects/quizzes.
  • … do additional higher Depth of Knowledge (DOK) problems and problem-based lessons.
  • … cover almost the same content as regular classes but just have the “better” students.


Your feelings on these answers may vary from shock to agreement to being appalled.  This also makes you think about how a child even becomes an Honors student.  We’ve all taught students in a regular course that would have been successful in an Honors course.  The reverse is also true as I’ve taught Honors courses and wondered how some students ended up in that class.  How can we talk about valuing equity yet allow this to happen?


I’ll end by coming back to the question I asked about in the initial thought experiment.  If every student could potentially earn Honors credit by doing enough to justify that distinction, what would they have to do?  Imagine having this conversation with colleagues in your district and making a combined list!

Once we have that list, two questions remain for me:

  • Why don’t we start doing those things in all of our Honors courses?
  • Why don’t we stop having separate Honors and regular courses and give all students opportunities to demonstrate that they deserve the distinction?


Thanks for allowing me to stand on my soapbox and let this off my chest.  What do you think I’m right about?  Where am I mistaken?  Are there other differences between Honors and regular courses I should add to my list?  Do you have suggestions for what “X, Y, and Z” should be?  Please let me know in the comments.


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7th Grade Gifted Honors

7th Grade Gifted Honors Syllabus

IXL Practice According to Unit of Study 

IXL Practice Website:  P.S. duPont's IXL website

username:  first initial and last name (no spaces)

Password:  Student Id (lunch number) 

Daily Assignments:

Tuesday 3-6-18

Quiz next class period 8.4 and 8.5 (All odds)

A #49 blank copies 

A #49 KEY 


Friday 3-2-18

A #48 8.4-8.5 Review

A #48 8.4-8.5 KEY 

A #48 8.4-8.5 Blank

Remember the IXL is also due on Monday! 


Wednesday  2-28-18

Finding the slope of a line 

A #47 page 407 #8-10, 15-27 KEY 

IXL 7.V.1, and 7.V.2 (due Monday)


Monday 2-26-18 

Quiz today on 8.1-8.3

A #46 Practice 8.2-8.3

A #46 practice KEY 


Thursday 2-22-18

8.1-8.3 Quiz (next class period)

A #45 pg. 400 #10-18, and Worksheet 8.2 #1-20

Worksheet and bookwork KEY  


Tuesday 2-20-18

A#44 8.2 worksheet 1-12

A #44 blank

A #44 key

notes on graphing using a table


Thursday 2-15-18

A #43 Pg. 388 #9-23 odd and Intro to graphing worksheet

A #43 KEY 

Notes from today on 8.1 


Friday 2-9-18

Algebra unit test next class period

A#41 and 42  Finish the class practice for the test.

Extra practice KEY 

Extra Practice Blank 


Tuesday 2-7-18

We took a graphing quiz today

Notes for tables 

A #40 pages 18-21 in the algebra packet

Algebra Packet Key


Monday 2-5-18

A #39 pages 9-16 in the packet

We did 7-8 in class and we worked on the packet pages for the rest of the time.

Graphing Quiz next class period

Sample key,


 Thursday 2-1-18

A #38 pages 2-6 in the algebra packet

Algebra packet day one notes 

A #38 KEY 

page 6 key 

Algebra Packet Blank 


Tuesday 1-30-18

We had a short period today.  We finished the chapter 5 test

No additional homework other than complete A #37


Thursday 1-25-18

Took the Chapter 3 Test today

Read page 47-48 and take notes on the coordinate plane 

A#37 do page 49 #8-24 all (check odds in the back) and one of the Cartesian cartoons


Tuesday 1-23-18

IXL assignments Algebra K.9 and K.10 (optional)

Finish Word Problem Packet

Inequality Word Problem Packet KEY 

Chapter 3 Test starts on Thursday and will be in the 3rd marking period.


Friday 1-19-18

A#36 pg. 154 #5-33 odd

A #36 pg 154 KEY 

Practice inequality word problems


Wednesday 1-17-18

A #35 pg. 141 #19-25 odd, pg. 146 #25-31odd, pg. 151 #13-31 odd

A #35 KEY 

Inequality Notes 


Friday 1-13-18

A#33 3.3C odds and IXL 8.W.13 (at least 85)

A #33 part C odds KEY 

3.2 and 3.3 quiz next class period


Wednesday 1-10-18

Notes on Section 3.3

A#32 page 134 #17-31 odd, 36-38

A #32 pg. 134 KEY 

Solving Equations with variables on both sides notes 

IXL 8.W.10 (You must get a score of 85 and was started in class)

Solving Equations Quiz will be on 1/17/18 and it is the last one of the marking period!


Monday 1-8-18

Welcome Back!!

Chapter two test corrections are due Friday!

Notes on 3.2 solving mult-step equations 

A #31 pg 127 key 

A #31 pg. 127 15-34 ALL


Thursday 12-21-17

Enjoy your break!!  There is no formal homework, so use this time to work on any skills you may need to practice.


Friday 12-15-17

We started the equations test today, so there is no homework except to study.

We will take STAR and finish the test on Tuesday


Wednesday 12-13-17

A#29 Review for Word problems Worksheet

A #29 blank copy 

A #29 key for solving equations and word problems 

Word Problem Notes 

Chapter 2 Test Friday/Monday


Monday 12-11-17

A#28 Review sheets,

A #28 BLANK, A #28 KEY,

Solving equations notes 

Word Problem Notes 

Chapter 2 test will start Friday and will be finished next week.  STAR on Tuesday


Friday 12-7-17

Notes from today

A #26 pg 81 KEY

A #26 pg. 81 #11-29, 33-35, 40-47 

Video Notes on Distributive property and combining like terms 


Tuesday 12-5-17

Probability Quiz was today

A # 25 Rational Numbers Review Blank 

A #25 Rational Numbers Review KEY 


Friday 12-1-17

Probability Quiz next class period

A #24 Probability Review

Probability Review KEY 

Review Blank Only pages 1 AND 2

IXL practice on DD if you need extra practice 


Wednesday 11-29-17

A #23 Probability Day 2

Day 2 notes

A #23 KEY

Probability Day 2 blank 


Monday 11-27-17

A #22 Probability Packet #1

A #22 blank prob packet 

A #22 key for Prob packet #1 

Probability Day 1 notes 


Thursday 11-16-17

We worked on a 1,4,8,9 assignment today.

No homework.

Happy Thanksgiving


Tuesday 11-14-17

Chapter 7 test taken today

A#21B pg. 809 #9-12, 21-36


Thursday 11-9-17

Chapter 7 TEST next class

A # 21 pg. 368 #5-47 odd

A #21 pg. 368 KEY 


Tuesday 11-7-17

Using percentages in problem solving

A #20 pg. 360 #8-17 and Worksheet on tax, tip, discounts

 Notes from today

A #20 KEY with worksheet 


Thursday 11-2-17

Took notes on the percent of change: Percent of change notes 

A #19: pg. 355 #7-19 and Percent Problems #2 worksheet

Percent Problems #2 Blank 

Percent Problems #2 KEY 

A #19 pg. 355 KEY 


Tuesday 10-31-17

A #18B percent word problems 


Friday 10-27-17

A #17 pg. 809 #1-8, 15-20

A #18 pg. 337 #9-19

Notes on the percent Proportion 

Percent Review Examples 


Wednesday 10-25-17

Chapter 6 test was taken today.



Monday 10-23-17

Chapter 6 test next class period

Chapter 6 quiz corrections due next week

A #16 chapter 6 review A #16 BLANK, A # 16 KEY


Thursday 10-19-17

A #15 pg. 302 #12-27, 36-39 (no key)

Chapter 6 test will be next Wed.


Tuesday 10-17-17

Ratios Quiz was taken today

Similar Figures Notes Notes for Similar Figures

A #14 pg. 296 #6-13 and pg. 298 #1-17 A #14 pg. 296 and 298 KEY


Wednesday 10-11-17

More practice with proportions

A#13 Solving Proportions #2 Solving Proportions #2 Blank 

 A #13 7th grade honors Proportions #2 KEY

Quiz next class period


Monday 10-9-17

Chapter 5 test corrections

Solving Proportions notesNotes on 6.2 proportions

A#12 pg. 277 #2-8, 9-27 odd and pg. 278 10-28 even, 32,34

A # 12 pg 277-278 KEY 


Thursday 10-5-17

Chapter 5 test taken today

6.1 notes on ratios and rates taken today.  

A#11 pg. 272 #1,3-9, 20-27, 37, 40 

 A #11 pg 272 KEY


Tuesday 10-3-17

A #10 Chapter 5 review materials chapter 5 review blank, Review Keys A #10

Test on chapter 5 next class period


Friday 9-29-17 

Multiplying a Dividing Rational Numbers Notes 

 A#9 pg 240 #9-27 odd, 33-38 and pg. 245 #17-35 odd, 43-49 A #9 key (some answers) 

Chapter 5 test 10/5/17


Wednesday 9-27-17

Notes on 5.3

A#8 pg 234 #21-33 odd, 37-49 odd,  A #8 honors 7 pg 234 and worksheet KEY (extra practice if neede) 

5.3 Notes  


Monday 9-25-17

Test today

A#7 pg. 222 # 29-45 odd, 49, 54, 66-67

A #7 KEY


Wednesday 9-20-17

Test on Monday

A#6 pg. 52 5-55 odd A #6 7th grade honors pg 52  and Scientific Notation Sheet


Monday 9-18-17

Scientific Notation Notes Scientific Notation notes 

A #5 p. 207 #3-37 all, 44-47, 52 A #5 KEY pg 207 

IXL on Scientific Notation if you need extra practice:  8.G.1, 8.G.3, 8.G.4

Test Monday on chapter 1


Thursday 9-14-17

See Tuesday's link for notes

A #4B  pg. 201 #1-6, 11-23A #4 KEY pg 45 and 201


Tuesday 9-12-17

1.7 Multiplying and Dividing integers, zero and negative exponents Notes 1.7 [We only did the 1.7 notes on multiplying and dividing integers]

A#4 pg. 45 #16-24, 31-34, 38-43 A #4 KEY pg 45 and 201 (only look at the page 45 homework)


Friday 9-8-17

Basic Skills Assessment Today

1.4-1.6 Adding and Subtracting Integers 1.4-1.6 Notes

A#2 pg. 32 #15-55 odd (no number lines) A #2 Honors 7 pg. 32 KEY

A#3 p. 36 #13-47 odd, 57-65 all A #3 Honors 7 pg. 36 KEY

Quiz on 1.1-1.6 Tuesday


Wednesday 9-6-17

STAR testing today

A #1B Practice worksheet on the order of operations.

A#1b order of operations blank

A 1B order of operations KEY


Thursday 8-31-17 (first full block)

A #1 page 18 #3-35 all

7th grade honors A 1 p. 18 KEY

STAR Testing will be next class period. 



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