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E28 - Alpina B9 Restoration

Compliments of abdielhiram @ mye28.com


Wel, as I promised, there are some pictures of the B9 Paint Job.

I like to call it a "Restoration" but is not a restoration project on it's 100%.

Previous Owner rebuild the Engine, and the car does not need a serious Engine repair for now.. However, i am needing to replace some minor components on the Engine Bay, i.e. the Coolant Expansion, the Collant Level sensor, and some hoses that i like to get improved.

Anyway, with that said, here is the Gallery created for such purpose.

I will updated with progress frequently. I am expecting this to take 1 month or 2, depending on parts arrival. We have ordered a few bits from Alpina, as well as some others purchased to some colleagues here in the Forums.

Almost all items are already on Miami, but i need to get them down here, and that might be after the Holydays...

http://www.flickr.com/photos/69945656@N ... hotostream 

This is true. The car have had several owners in the past 30 year, specially when it has been imported here to Costa Rica.

I did not know that much the previous history of this car, since I only have 3 years living here (Costa Rica), and the car apparently have been imported from Europe back in 1985. The Kit must probably have been added before it gets here, because there is no other M5's (E28) or such around. Just a couple of 528's and 520's from what i have seen. That said, indicates the difficulty of get such Body pieces in Latin America, and i doubt the BMW local dealer have ever imported if no such car (E28 M5) have been sold here, as well as the No Internet access or Online stores back in the mid 80's.

For the Authenticity of the car, the invoice have been requested by the previous owner to Buchloe headquarters, an the Alpina plate is also on the interior Trim, next to the e-brake..

Some Updated Pics...

http://www.flickr.com/photos/69945656@N ... hotostream


I am adding some pictures here as well.. There is a Flickr gallery that i consider also useful for easier update of pics.

For the Paint Job, we received about 80% of the parts ordered. 95% of these parts were acquired on here (Thank´s to everyone i have make good deals). Some others are not here yet due to the holidays, but they will eventually come.

For the Paint Shop. They closed for the holydays, so i expect the car to be serviced back on January 2nd.

Will post more pictures next week hopefully.

The big box on the back of the car, is the sunroof we got from a company in California. I´ve done a good deal on that one. It is an Original E28 sunroof, because the original thing on the car were replaced with an absurd piece of glass....


That is true

The guy where i get it from have mention the Glass Monroof were a "not common" extra accesory on 85´s E28 and forward...

I got the OEM Glass Monroof second hand for $250 and $50 shipping to Miami.

The Glass has the BMW roundel on it, which discard is from a SAAB or something.... I couldn´t get the Steel Panel and it already has a glass on it, but not original... It does not look so bad really, just the job done was not the right one... The glass was cut into some glass shop locally.. but the water filtrates pretty bad..


Happy New year... there are some updates from the last 2 days that im happy about... 

Cars is beeing dissasembled, for a total respray...

There are some things i didnt like, i.e. The chrome Trim is not possible to get it back, at least that i purchase it all... and i guess that will be hard to do..
We are keeping the Trim in black (shadow line) but trying to get these black painted parts in a better way..
For the Tail lights i have purchased, i might need to paint the chrome in black as well, to match the car.
The drivers door have received an impact previously, and needs to be aligned properly.

The Hood has been fixed and new shocks are going to be installed.

I may need to get all the clips for the M'Technich Side skirts, and the Door mouldings...

Adding some pics as well..






For the mechanical part, i might need an electric fan, as the Fan clutch i think is not enough for it.

The Water reservoir i purchased new, and also need to order the Washer fluid reservoir tank..

One more...


For the interior, i didn´t pictue it yet because it was al a mess...

All the door panels were removed, and it seems i may need to redo all those cardboards. The Upholstery is not that bad, maybe needing some cleaning, but the cardboard is rubbish.. Water didnt work that well with them..

I should get a quote from somebody about it soon..

Will be an update in about a week or so, since i will be out of town for a week or so..

Thanks for all your comments and Feedback.. 


There is a reason why of all this on the Bodykit.

When i got the car, it already got the the M-Technic Kit. I do have a Copy of the Original invoice from Alpina and does not even mention the Alpina Front-Rear Spoiler or the Deko Kit.Given those circumstances, and since my access to parts and accessories is very reduced as i´m not based in US, i am keeping the body as is, for now, allowing me recollect some $$$ and invest on the rear-front spoiler replicas.
After the paint is done, it should be very easy to replace the front bumper, and add the rear spoiler really.

If you see at the early pictures on this thread, or the flickr Gallery, you will see the M5 components were already there.

The car has is an ´82, but has been imported here from Europe until ´85, i am not sure if these parts were added locally, or somebody installed on the car prior to be shipped to Latin America...


Well, after 7 days that i disconnected myself from this project, here is an update.

I could not wait more to see how was it going..

Front and rear Windshield were removed, as well as the sunroof..

Here are some pictures...





I had to step out there quicly, to get back to my Office, but i will promise some more descent and elaborated pictures of this tomorrow..


No major updates in the last days..

It turns the car requires a lot of Detailing to get it right.... the car is still on Primer and the doors are getting disassembled now for the Paint, that will probably be next week...


Well there is some worth pictures to post, from last 2 or 3 days.

Good stuff is the car is going for paint next monday.

I sent all the upholstery for a restoration with one of the best guys around. Will keep the black soft cloth it was there when i purchase, since Stoff is NLA. Black will be the material color with the Alpina emblems on it.

Car is completely dissasembled except for the Engine components and all the lines and trim has been aligned as it should. I am really happy with the results, after 1 month of work, and keeping crossing my fingers everything gets OK on the final stage...

Attached pics..











We finally move on to paint the car..

Doors, Trunk and Hood are not painted yet, until tomorrow..

The body, and the Mudguards were painted today.

Now there is the process of finish the paint by polishing and all that stuff, and then re-assembly everything back..

I think including the upholstery and everything, we still have a long way on this...















Busy days on the last 2 weeks....

Car is progressing though at least without me 

I had the wheels fixed, since there were some imperfections on the front wheels... they are ready for paint. The Polished lip will go away and they will be as it should, silver paint with a black center....

There are some parts still coming, and a Deko Kit in Silver, purchased to Paul LaDue.... (Thanks Paul... you have really simplified this traumatic process... )

The doors are attached to the car again, and the only missing things from the body are the Trim, Hood and Trunk door, as well as the Windshield, which will be installed soon. The Upholstery is ready as well, but saved on plastic wrap to prevent any dirt or damaged on it...

Adding Some pics...













And also a new family member... an E46...


this is Me and my older son...


More Updates...

We are basically on the final lane though....

Some other pics.

Wheels on Primer...









Concidentally my E36 got to 150,000 Km...


Thanks for your comments...

I was particularly talking about the same with the people who's painting the car.... while they were polishing it this afternoon..

I have a closed garage at home, with room for one car.

I will paint the walls back, because it have a lot of traffic since we don't use our home main door..
Anyway when the car is back on the house, the Garage will be clausurated specially for the kids 

The other 2 will still be able to reside inside the house, but not under roof...

I brought my camera today but will not be able to make the d/l of the pics til i get home...

Here are some i took with the Mac device aka iPhone....




Well this one shouldn't go here... but Anyway... the E46 getting a fluids change.. and brake pads...


Will post some more later....

We will expect to have the car on wheels by tomorrow....


Ok, wheels were set today..

Waiting on the Deko Kit to attach to the car...

I am expecting on take some descent pictures of it...

I keep getting the camera with me, but the position of the car without wheels wont let me take something worth... I can start it tomorrow and move to another spot on the garage...











More Descent pics...









The car honestly is worth a Photoshoot, and i am really pleased with the work done by the guys at the garage... but it definitely needs to go out first, where i can use more space and landscape to picture the car...
We startup the car today and i possibly post a video on that if Youtube made it...

For the next 2 weeks, this will be my last update, as we are suppose to go into our family Holiday from next friday, and i have a business trip before that...

The guys promised the car finished for this week...

There is very little detail missing now, more likely assembly the rest of the parts, like the Grill, etc.

Thanks everyone on this forum, for your support, and all of the person who i did business with, I really thank you!

Next photo update will come with pictures out of the garage, I promise..

EDIT: Here is the little Video..


Youtube failed this time...


Hi All...

Long time not posting in this thread but I did on other topics and got great help from other members... Appreciate all the help from the E28 community... They made everything easy to sort out...

On the short version of the story, the end of all this got delayed another week after my holyday, and I just got the car back from the garage yesterday 

Right on time for our monthly meeting on the BMW Car Club of Costa Rica..
Sad is i could not take any worth shot with the camera...
Today I tried, but had to deal with some work and kids homework.... I need to split the time fr cars and a 6 members family 

Anyway my kids are always fun...

Here is one pic I managed to take yesterday on his shower after leaving the garage...

It will need to return temporarily to deal with some minor details and to install the Deko Kit 

The car ran smooth after 3 months of no use... I had to replace the Brake pump on Thursday because it seems the old one just decided to die...

Thanks God i could manage to find the original ATE pump for about $100 locally...

I should be shooting some pics on a open spot next Tuesday or Wednesday when i`m planning to drive the car again.... For now is sitting on the Garage as a Queen 

After the Deko Kit is installed, I will add another pics and consider this restoration completed ...

One more time thanks everyone!!

And here is the shower pic....

The Touring 2002 belongs to a good friend...

That car was restored on the same shop where I did the B9...

He usually visited the garage with me to give me some support on the hard days 

That one is a `74... Whe should be shooting some pics of both cars soon...

And Well....

While writing this I just remember that sticker I attahced to the rear glass...

Everyone knows Who we need to ask for these 

I am the worst person in the world to take a picture at night....

Thanks Matt!


Today, I took some time to go to a parking lot and shoot some Pictures quickly...

On the Sad part, I need to replace the Voltage Regulator on my Alternator, as it`s sending 16V to the battery when running and thats not good...

I found the part locally from Bosch for about $50...

I am starting to think this car was lack of TLC really... but we are willing to give it though...





Still no Deko Kit...

It is amazing how retarded Customs are down here....

The little mistake by the Logistics company and you are totally screwed...

Anyway I hope to sort that out soon...

More pics to come once the Decals are on...

I am glad the Alternator died on me near home... We were planning a Road Trip for this weekend and I was planning on take the E28 with me... now plans have changed


Let me post one for you later...

I dont remember where I saved them...


Actually I took one with my cell couple of weeks before..

http://www.mye28.com/viewtopic.php?t=10 ... light=deko

The car has been on the Garage since 2 months or so, and shoot pics have not been possible..


As I needed to do some more "Work" on the Car, I'd rather continue this thread as a part of the Restoration...

Yesterday I picked up the car from the Car Shop and bring it home...

I have to go on a business trip next friday, and wont be doing anything until mid August..

here are some pics on the movement via Tow Truck...

When I return, the car will be moved to another location which is the shop installing the MS.

As a side note, this person who will do the MS job have some expertise down here with these units.

There is a friend of mine who owns an E30 (335i) which already has to changed his computer for a MegaSquirt.

Im pretty confident on the modification and the work he will do.


Read the Full Article:http://www.mye28.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=99926

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View Full Version : A4 B9 Creaking from rear


18-09-2016, 10:47 AM


A4 S-Line, 2 weeks old, getting a creaking or rattling from the rear. It sounds like the window creaking when I drive over uneven roads at any speed.

I've had another driver drive the car while I've sat in the back and vice-versa, I can't pin it down but it does sound like glass creaking, if that's possible.

Anyone having the same issues?


I have a noise from the rear parcel shelf but my noise isn't a creaking.
I have a tapping sound from around the rear parcel shelf, but it does sound like the window glass. like a metallic or hard plastic tapping against the glass. My car is going into Audi on Monday. I'll update this after they diagnose it.


18-09-2016, 11:24 PM

Yes, a light random tapping, I would agree with that. Maybe creaking is the wrong word. Please update here, cheers.

Got my car back from Audi, seems there was some trim at at the back /rear of the parcel shelf that had come loose /unclipped or wasn't correctly fitted in the first place. Its not visible from inside the car.
That was making contact with the bottom of the rear window., hence the tapping. There was supposed to be a small gap.
Seems it was straightforward to fix it back in place properly. So far, all quiet the way it should be.


20-09-2016, 03:47 PM

Thanks for the update. I may try and record the noise with my phone and post here, just to confirm it is the same noise. If so, I'll get it booked in.

This noise only started for me once I'd put the rear seats down and back up again to shift some stuff.

Makes sense that the noise is originating from a part not visible inside the car, that would explain why I couldn't pin point it.



21-09-2016, 01:10 PM

I've recorded the noise and have posted it here...


It's very obvious, no explanation needed.

Did the dealer need to remove the parcel shelf? Do you think this is a job for the dealer?


24-09-2016, 11:56 PM

I have the same noise coming from the rear window as well, I've taken the car to the dealer and they had a look but they couldn't sort it out at the time, so the car is booked to go back in this Monday coming to try and sort the noise.

They believed it was coming from the pillar at the side and not the parcel shelf.


25-09-2016, 08:15 PM

It's a difficult noise to pinpoint as the curve of the window and the acoustic properties of the car can carry the sound away from the source.

It may be worth mentioning MRJ's post at the dealer. Please post back here, mine is booked in Wednesday day and any info would be appreciated.

Re: A4 B9 Creaking from rear – 21-09-2016,01:10 PM http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/blackpost/buttons/report.gif (http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/report.php?p=1030376)
I've recorded the noise and have posted it here...


It's very obvious, no explanation needed.

Did the dealer need to remove the parcel shelf? Do you think this is a job for the dealer?

That sounds suspiciously like the noise I had, but a lot more sustained and frequent, mine was intermittent depending on road surface etc . I think they removed the parcel shelf cover, that's something I'd leave to the dealer, too many clips to break if you do it yourself. Its possible it was actually the pillar, there are connector blocks for the various antenna down the sides of the rear window.
In any case it shouldn't be making noise like that and it's an Audi after all. The mechanic told me they have tools for tracking down the source of noises (car stethoscope or something I guess) and it didn't seem a big deal for them to sort it out.


26-09-2016, 10:29 AM

Yes, you are right, it's an Audi and it shouldn't rattle. The last 3 Audi's I've had have had something in the way of a rattle, the 1st one had a loose exhaust bracket, my second had a heavy "clunk" in the boot when I went over a pothole or speed hump. The dealer looked at and couldn't fix it, it was only resolved when a woman on her phone went into the back of me, seems a bit extreme.

I just wonder if I have a bit of OCD with rattles that other people would just out up with.

I'll feedback later in the week.


05-10-2016, 06:15 PM

Hi. Just wondering what the outcome was from this? I'm afraid I put a fresh post on the forum before I saw this. The recording of the sound (posted by wm1976) is exactly what I'm experiencing at the moment. I'd be keen to find out what it was and if they managed to rectify it? Thanks in advance.


05-10-2016, 08:44 PM

Sorry, there was nothing to report, hence no post. The car's booked in for end of October. I'll report back then.

In the meantime, the sound has gotten louder and now sounds almost from both sides of the rear, although as I mentioned, difficult to pin point.


05-10-2016, 10:28 PM

Thanks for the reply. Ahh... doesn't bode well! I'll get myself booked in. I'll keep this thread updated on developments. I think it's where the trim meets the back window.

I have the same creak with an A4 delivered in July. However I've noticed the issue begins to lessen below about 13degC & is almost gone in colder weather. Humidity also seems to have an adverse effect!
Anyone else notice similar fluctuations?
I should note a friend bought an A6 around the same time. Haven't driven in it but he claims his car has the same issue..


17-10-2016, 07:40 PM

Hi, sounds like the noise I had . The car was in with the dealer in Belfast today. The fault was confirmed. They removed D pillar trims and found the guide pins for the rear window was creating the noise by rubbing on the D pillar trim. They modified the pins (removed them) - trim refitted - noise gone. They also did a software update (45E3 for ESP) at the same time. Hope this is of help to you


20-10-2016, 02:33 PM

Hi. Just a quick update. Took the car to the dealership who were very sympathetic. The noise was glaringly obvious from the start of the test drive. Sadly no loan cars until November. I'll report back then. As for the noise, the master technician was mystified. Seems like a common problem judging by the responses on here.


21-10-2016, 10:40 AM

Hi. Just a quick update. Took the car to the dealership who were very sympathetic. The noise was glaringly obvious from the start of the test drive. Sadly no loan cars until November. I'll report back then. As for the noise, the master technician was mystified. Seems like a common problem judging by the responses on here.

Just a quick question - those with a the creak from the rear, do you have the standard or B&O sound? I wondered if it was anything to do with the extra speakers at the back?

Standard speakers - I'm tone deaf anyway!
To recap tho - seems two guys had problem successfully resolved. However one seemed to be parcel shelf clips, the other rear window guide-pins into C-pillar...
It would good if this was a recognised fault - with a documented fix!
I think mine is rear window/C pillar related. Bright sun seems to exacerbate ( dark colour). Also switching on rear-window demister seemed to start it up the other morning.


25-10-2016, 01:57 PM

Try lubricating the door seals, it is a common issue with modern car design...


27-10-2016, 05:11 PM

Got mine seen to Tuesday. They need to remote the parcel shelf apparently and some parts may be needed before they do so it's booked in mid November. I'll report back.

I've not made the link between temperature and the noise yet. I would say it does sound like it's in the D pillar.


14-11-2016, 05:26 PM

Been back to the dealer, they can't find the source of the noise so it's being booked in a bodyshop.


17-11-2016, 08:39 PM

Hello. Just got the car back after two days at the dealership. I'm happy to report that the source of noise has been identified and fixed.

The creak/rattle/tap sounded exactly the same as the audio recording posted in this thread. If your rattle is similar, it's well worth getting sorted.

I'm told the window was rubbing against the surround (I'm no mechanic) and it involved removing all the headlining and trim around the D pillar on the passenger side.

Beyond that I know nothing. But the 25 mile drive home was rattle free. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Hey guys, sorry to bring up an old thread.

My B9 recently has developed a similar sound and both myself and my dealer is having problem identifying the problem.

I've tried to remove both the D pillars and the entire parcel shelf and the tapping noise is still there. This tells me my noise is not from the trim pcs tapping the window. Nothing looks loose from what I can tell. Anyone has any other details on the fix?

I feel like the tapping noise is coming from the metal and the body rather than interior plastic tapping the window but we are having problrm identifying the source. It taps whenever the car body flexes or vibrates it seems.

Any comments would be great.

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I'm due to leave mine in around mid Jan so I'm afraid I have no new insights. It's v disappointing. Sounds like there's a design or quality issue to do with rear winow installation?

Same issue here. Purchased A4 in late-Nov and started hearing creaking/tapping noise (exactly as recorded and posted earlier) from rear, seemingly from right rear passenger area/window deck.

Thought it was simply ice between window and exterior trunk after washing (temps here are -25 Celsius) but it didn't go away when warmed or rewashed.

Will probably wait to fix until first scheduled maintenance unless is becomes more distracting or I grow more irritated by it.

Issue still not fixed yet but I have narrowed down the source of the problem. Mine is coming from the rear window top corner on the passenger side just beneath the corner of the headliner. The window is either installed incorrectly or something is missing (I did find a loose plastic spacer from that area which i am suspecting is the cause of the issue). If i apply pressure outward on the window glass in the corner, the tapping noise would stop. The noise have subsided a bit since the weather has warmed up back to 10 deg C. Today it got cold again, and noise came back.

Noise is definitely there, seems to be temperature related, and its coming from the top corner of the rear windshield.

Hey guys, just so you know. Ive been battling with this squeak or rattle from the rear for over a month and finally Audi has a tsb for this. It's caused by the rear windshield guide pin. Mine sounds exactly like the sound clip from this thread.

Tsb # is 2046397/1

Mine is fixed now!

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10-02-2017, 07:19 PM

I have a similar issue. It's a constant ticking noise when the ignition is on. The engine doesn't have to be running. To me, it sounds like it's coming from the tweeter next to rear door handle. It drive be bonkers! If I turn off the MMI screen fully the ticking stops!

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18-02-2017, 11:02 PM

I've recorded the noise and have posted it here...


It's very obvious, no explanation needed.

Did the dealer need to remove the parcel shelf? Do you think this is a job for the dealer?

LOL, My A4 B9 has started with this very sound from rear window area....

What is the cause? is it the rear seat frame to parcel shelf or is it in the headlining to rear window?
Problem is I drive and have no assistant to sit in the back and prod everything....

Someone mentioned a TSB? is there a direct link to the TSB for this with description?



19-02-2017, 11:54 AM

Discovered what my 'ticking' sound is... there's some sort of digital interference coming through the tweeter on in the offside rear door. And is more apparent and louder when he MMI is on google earth. I took it in to the dealer who brought their MMI specialist to look at it, he couldn't hear it until he sat in the drivers seat.
It's booked in in a couple of weeks for them to have a fiddle with it, until then I'm using standard nav and instead

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I had mine in today. Luckily problem manifested itself out on a drive. Early days, not 100% sure it's fixed but positive signs & I'll know for sure soon enough.
TSB#2046397/1 doesn't corelate with my chassis no. but it's a similar problem. Issue is where guide pins for rear window meet up with C-piller.


23-02-2017, 05:19 AM

So basically it's nothing we can look at and sort in a few mins. it's beginw the internal linning.
I have ming booked in, so annoying as I only have 800miles on the clock.


05-08-2017, 11:12 AM

It's been a year. I never got this resolved through Audi, although they did try. The noise is no longer there, I guess the materials have bedded in over the year and the noise is no longer there.

I got mine resolved at an Irish Audi dealer & there was definetely an issue with the guide pins for rear window. I quoted the TSB Ekyp referred to above (2046397/1) - that seemed to be for a different batch of cars but my problem was identical. The technician even showed me a print out of the fix from the Audi system. Mine was fixed leaving the service bay. I did the homework, but they listened & sorted it out so satisfied.

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