Phi 103 Informal Logic Week 2 Assignment 3

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Social Media and Interpersonal RelationshipsIn today’s society technology is ever changing, we are able to connect to each other in the matter of seconds. Two generations ago we sent letters in the mail, we talked on thehouse phone, and we met up with our friends to talk to them in person. Fast forward to today, we send emails instead of letters, use text messages instead of calling, we see each other via Skype or FaceTime instead of meeting up, the world moves so fast and the speed of the internet has made the task of communicating much faster. Social media has become the place where people interact more than ever in the mere secondsyou can share your thoughts, photos, something you liked and much, much more. Somehave said that this may hinder interpersonal relationships, but I believe that this may help to enhance our interpersonal relationships. Premise 1: Social media is user-friendly and makes connecting with people easier.Premise 2: Using social media has brought family and friends together making relationships better.Premise 3: No matter the location and/time your able to communicate with someone through social media.

Counterargument Assignment2My Argument in Standard FormPremise 1 - Basic Economics teaches us that having fair and open competition means lower prices and greater choicePremise 2 - Having less competition would limiting consumers’ freedom of choice and stall innovationPremise 3 - Universal healthcare would severely limit the number of healthcare providersPremise 4 - This limited market competition would cause increased prices, fewer options and less innovated carePremise 5 - Fewer options and less innovations would mean a lower quality healthcarePremise 6 - As a publicly funded entity, universal healthcare would cause an increased tax burden on the general publicConclusion - We should not have a program that gives people poorer quality healthcare at an increased costAfter going through a couple different approaches on how to argue my point of view on this universal healthcare issue, I have settled on this one. I feel like this argument is one that will seem most reasonable to everyone, no matter what side of the issue they may fall on. Premise 1 is based on time tested, basic economic theory. This premise is necessary because it sets up the rest of my argument. Premise 1 is based on


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